The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


I washed up in detox at The Healing Place because I had nowhere else to go. I was mentally, spiritually, and physically bankrupt. I had given away everything I had, including my family and my own daughter. I was lost in the disease of alcoholism and addiction and didn’t know the way out. I had a little taste of The Healing Place in 2008 and saw the miracles that can happen but I just wasn’t ready and had to go get some more pain from the streets. Three years later I was back and surrendered.

The Healing Place introduced me to a new way of life, a design for living that one day at a time has given me more opportunity then I have ever imagined. Not only did I complete the program, I committed to eight months in the peer mentors office and fulfilled that commitment. After leaving the peer mentors office, I became a staff member in detox and haven’t looked back. I went from a part-time monitor to a full-time monitor and now I’m the Men’s Detox Coordinator. I have an amazing family, I have my beautiful daughter back, and house that I can call my own. All of this is due to The Healing Place. I’m forever indebted.