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Backpacks from Beth

Backpacks from Beth

Here at The Healing Place, we have a deep gratitude for everyone who wants to help men and women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Some donate money; others use our wish list to fulfill some of our daily needs. When Laura Setters heard about Butterfly Backpacks, the project Tina Mills launched after the death of her daughter Maegan, she knew that she wanted to help. “It all started with a challenge from my church called ‘Love the ‘Ville’ and it was a challenge for all of us to serve our community in creative ways that could touch other people’s lives,” said Laura.

Butterfly Backpacks brings backpacks full of supplies and toiletries for women who are leaving detox and going into The Healing Place’s long-term recovery program so Laura wanted to do something for the men. Her brother is in recovery after being addicted for more than half his life. Laura said her mother never gave up hope for him, even in the darkest of times. “She would always tell me ‘so long as you have breath, there’s still hope.’”

With the help of her husband, father, church family, and friends, Laura got started. Last month, Laura dropped off the first group of donations – 20 backpacks filled with socks, shampoo, body wash, a toothbrush, toothpaste, notebooks, pens, and other items including a handwritten note of encouragement. She well surpassed her initial goal of 15 backpacks. The backpacks weren’t the only things Laura brought to The Healing Place – she also brought boxes filled with underwear, t-shirts, and shower shoes. 

Laura’s mother passed away from cancer in February 2013, before her brother got into recovery. “It’s sad she never got to see it. That’s why I got to thinking this could be called Backpacks from Beth. She would have loved an opportunity to give other people hope because that’s what she was all about.” 

“The more I thought about it, I decided I wanted this to be an ongoing project and not just a one-time thing,” said Laura. “From a little challenge at church to hopefully becoming a project that can honor my mom and her story that she never gave up on people. Hopefully we can touch some lives when they need it the most.”

If you’re interested in helping, check out the Backpacks from Beth and Butterfly Backpacks pages on Facebook.