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Board Profile: Alan Engel

Board Profile: Alan Engel

Alan Engel is the retired Executive Director of the Jewish Community Federation, a position he held for more than 22 years. He serves on The Healing Place’s Board of Directors. Alan joined the Board in 2013 and is a member of the Development Committee and the Campaign Leadership Council, which is tasked with raising money for the expansion of the Men’s Campus.

Are you from Louisville? If not, how did you end up here?
I’m a native of Ohio. I moved to Louisville in 1988 to become the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Federation.

What attracted you to serve on The Healing Place Board?
I met Jay Davidson when we both served on the Board for the Coalition for the Homeless. We kept in touch and when I retired, he came knocking.

How do you feel The Healing Place impacts the community?
The Healing Place offers individuals the opportunity to face their addiction directly and assume responsibility for their behavior, thereby giving them a chance to change their lives, re-engage them with their family, find employment, and become active and productive members of the community.

Share a personal experience from your time on The Healing Place Board.
About two years ago, a friend asked for help with his son. The son came to detox two days later. He went through the program, graduated, and got a job. His time in the program made me feel proud to be associated with The Healing Place.