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Brackets for Good -- Be Our MVP!

Brackets for Good -- Be Our MVP!

It’s no secret that Kentucky loves its basketball. March is like a second holiday season with fans planning vacations around the NCAA Tournament, following the Cards and the Cats through the bracket. This year, March Madness is taking on a new meaning, especially for local nonprofits like The Healing Place.

It’s called Brackets for Good. 64 nonprofits are matched up in brackets, just like the ones used in the NCAA tournament. Instead of the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and Final Four, you have the Supported 16, Engaged Eight, and Philanthropic Four. 

There’s some pretty tough competition just within our bracket, the Sam Swope division. You have organizations like Make-a-Wish, Dare to Care, the Ronald McDonald House, Fund for the Arts, and Kentucky Humane Society. It’s a very tough bracket – The Healing Place is more Gonzaga than UK – but everyone loves a Cinderella story, this time of the year. 

That’s where you come in. Each $1 donated through the Brackets for Good website is one point – and whichever organization has the most points at the end of the round, moves on. We will get every penny you donate during each round – and the organization that wins the whole tournament gets an extra $10,000. Because we are able to help one man or one woman recovering from addiction for $25 a day, that grand prize would go a very long way.

Every little bit helps and if you want to be our MVP, just click here.

For a better idea of how Brackets for Good works, check out this video produced by the BFG team.