The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


My sobriety date is April 1, 2006 and I silver chipped in December 2006. It took me eight months and ten days to get through the program. After I silver chipped, I went to the Peer Mentor’s office for three months, and then I went and worked for a little bit. I came back because I decided that when I was in OTS I was going to be part of the replication team. By the time I 12-Stepped, I was able to leave the office, go work for a bit, come back and do another three-month period, and then go replicate what I had learned. It was just an awesome experience. The Healing Place gave me the ability to accept my peers looking at me and seeing the problem; being able to help me through it and then me being able to process that without the anger or resentment that comes with someone being accusatory or saying “this is what you did.” It just helped me grow up.

It was amazing being part of the replication process that started in 2007 because of the Recovery Kentucky initiative. We opened up five different men’s facilities and I was a part of the first one, the Morehead Inspirational Center, and it was really special. I then got the chance to go to Clarksville, TN and subcontract with a company called Buffalo Valley and I helped them put in a peer-to-peer program that was pretty successful.