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Butterfly Backpacks

Butterfly Backpacks

This week, our women's campus received an amazing gift. The mother of Maegan Mills, Tina, delivered 15 backpacks filled with hygiene products, school supplies, and two letters. The backbacks were delivered on February 9th, the first anniversary of Maegan's tragic death. Maegan was a client of The Healing Place before her addiction took her life last year. 

When delivering the backpacks on Monday, Tina said that even though the day was hard for her, she knew that Maegan would have wanted her to help the ladies. When Maegan first entered the program, Tina took her and some of her friends in OTS to the store to buy new backpacks and hygiene items... so Tina has now decided to continue the tradition of helping women at The Healing Place in Maegan's memory. 

You can read the letters that Tina and Maegan's brother Ethan included in the backpacks here.

For more information about Butterfly Backpacks, check out the Facebook page that Tina has set up.