The Healing Place

In Memory of Cathleen Pfeiffer Ward

In Memory of Cathleen Pfeiffer Ward

The Healing Place has lost a very important and very dear family member and her name is Cathleen Pfeiffer Ward, affectionately called Cissee. Anyone and everyone who ever met Cissee immediately became infatuated with her charm, her elegance, and poise. She always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. Cissee had limitless energy and would approach every helping opportunity with a positive can do attitude. She had a passion for helping orphaned children in Poland and Native Americans in the Dakotas.

Behind every successful man there is a powerful and supportive wife. Cissee Ward supported and provided for her husband Dr. Will W. Ward and their two children, Quincy and Maggie, with commitment and love. Dr. Ward was elected Chairman of the Board for The Healing Place in 1989. The major challenge for the Board was and is to raise operating and capital construction dollars for The Healing Place. 

Dr. Ward quickly turned to his talented wife Cissee for help in planning conducting fundraising events for The Healing Place. Cissee created the “Super Chef” fundraising luncheon. The concept was to bring in famous local and national Chefs and have a three or five course meal prepared for about 200 guests. Needless to say the luncheons were a tremendous success due largely because of Cissee’s talent for working with others. Cissee was able recruit a large team of volunteers to help make these events successful. She was also responsible for many other fundraising events throughout the years to support The Healing Place.

The Healing Place will forever be indebted to Cissee Ward for her many contributions of time, talent, and treasures to help save lives every day. What started as a small overnight homeless shelter of 80 beds and an annual budget of $300,000 has grown to the largest social model recovery program in the Commonwealth, serving 600 men and women each day with an annual budget of more than $6 million dollars and more than 5,000 alumni.

The Healing Place is what it is today because Cissee Ward’s passion, dedication, commitment and love for people. The Healing Place will always be indebted to and remember Cathleen Pfeiffer Ward.

Thank you, Cissee.