The Healing Place

Continuing Care Services at The Healing Place

Continuing Care Services at The Healing Place

Most clients arrive at 10th and Market or 15th and Hill due to a lack of options. Their parents are fed up with their horrible decisions due to addiction, the probation or parole officer is sick of the positive drug screens, or maybe the significant other wants the problem resolved so they can get their relationship back to where it was. No matter what the reason, The Healing Place will accept them with open arms. We offer more than just a solution to addiction and alcoholism; we offer a solution to life’s problems.

After completion of our four to six month program, we offer a continuing care service. While the client is in continuing care, they are able to work and begin to pay back the debt that is owed to society. We have hopes that all of the clients maintain their sobriety while gaining new responsibilities. A couple of these responsibilities include paying rent and attending support groups to maintain their high standards of accountability.

Education is almost a necessity for success. Without getting too political, we (America) have begun to make it a very difficult path for a recovering alcoholic/addict, who more times than not is also a felon, to re-enter the workforce. Something that cannot be taken from anyone is a college degree. We want all of our clients to have things that cannot be taken from them, such as sobriety and education. The Healing Place allows clients to attend classes to prepare them for a GED if necessary. We also offer to pay for their GED tests. The Healing Place’s Continuing Care Department believes that through sobriety, education, and life skills clients will be able to contribute to society rather than fall back to a pattern of taking from society. 

The Healing Place implements a program of spiritual growth into individuals’ lives. The numbers of success speak for themselves. Although maintaining sobriety through our long-term residential program can be easy, the true test comes once a client begins to live life outside of The Healing Place. The Continuing Care Department can assist tremendously in clients’ sobriety and life through contracts that guide them through their days. Structure is a necessity for positive lifestyles for a recovering alcoholic/addict, and that is what our continuing care does so well. A normal, routine day is easy to get through for someone who does not suffer from the disease of addiction. For a recovering addict there can be danger around every corner and sometimes it comes unannounced. That is why we must have structure and a routine of spiritual growth so that when these problems do arise we do not get ready, we stay ready.

The best part of Continuing Care is witnessing clients get through all of life’s day-to-day issues. It is very gratifying to watch someone who was completely pitiful and hopeless, grow into a happy and hopeful man or woman while conquering life’s issues and their addiction.