The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


The summer of 2007 is when alcoholism took over my life and I became homeless. I moved myself and all my worldly possessions under a bridge off Broadway and Barret. I would walk uptown to panhandle for my next drink. There was a park bench outside of a bar on Bardstown Rd. that I would rest on. On the evening of August 11, 2007 I decided that I wanted something more for my life. I said the classic alcoholic prayer, “God please help me.” For weeks my plan had been to walk to the bridge, gather my things, and head to The Healing Place. The problem is that every time I got to the bridge the will to go to detox was gone. This evening was different and someone pulled over to offer me a ride. Getting in his car, I told him that I wanted to go to 10th & Market and with some misgiving he agreed to take me there. The miracle here is that we passed up that bridge and straight to detox I went.

After completing the program in March 2008 I moved into my first apartment two doors down from that bench. I went into the business and asked for that bench, telling them my story. The owner was delighted to give it to me. Today that bench sits on the front porch of the home my wife and I purchased. People often ask if I ever got the name of the man who drove me to detox that night. I just smile and say, why yes… His name was GOD.