The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


I was sick of everything, but I came to The Healing Place really because I was homeless. I didn’t come to get sober, I came because I was homeless and it was winter time, work was slow, and I was getting jammed up financially. I got here and realized that I could hide away from everybody. I needed that because it was getting loud in my head. I got here and I was comfortable so I stayed.

It introduced me to Alcoholics Anonymous, like really introduced me to AA. You can force somebody to do the steps but you can’t force them to do it honestly. The Healing Place took me through the steps, explained the steps, and let me just take a look at me. Once I realized that I was the issue that changed everything. The Healing Place helped me with support and having a home base to come to. All of my buddies are people who work at The Healing Place.

Since leaving, I haven’t been to jail, I’ve held the same job, I have insurance, and I’m not suicidal. I’m genuinely happy with my life. That’s how The Healing Place has helped me.