The Healing Place

GED Program

GED Program

 Completing The Healing Place’s recovery program is only the beginning of our road to recovery. While at The Healing Place, clients learn a lot about recovery and a lot about themselves. Our new life has many facets that we must master; it is full of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. Although we have learned that life is about progress not perfection, it is okay to try our absolute best and aim for perfection but to accept failure and learn from it.

Our Continuing Care Program (Phase II) has learned that we must continue our education and always progress. One of the things we offer is assistance for clients who wish to obtain their GED. We let all clients know that we will not only schedule the initial TABE assessment that shows the client exactly where they are academically, but we will walk with them through the entire process and tutor them if necessary.
After the assessment, clients begin taking classes to help them get back in the groove of going to school. Once clients complete those classes, they begin to take the four-part GED test. The four portions of the newly-reformed GED are science, math, language arts, and social studies. The Healing Place offers to pay for each course so there are less obstacles to any client receiving their GED.

Although I have heard that “they” have made it very difficult to get a GED, I have yet to meet a client who has been unsuccessful at obtaining that diploma. What I have seen is that all clients who are serious about furthering their education and serious about fulfilling commitments have been successful at not only attaining their GED, but are successful in their recovery and in their new found life.

In Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man comic books, Peter Parker’s uncle told him “with great power comes great responsibility” in his dying breath. Recovery is very powerful and with our recovery comes great responsibility. There is more to a life of recovery than attending 12 Step meetings and support groups; we deal with real life problems and we must be prepared to handle all of our new problems. Furthering our education is just one more area that we aim to improve as we walk through our newly discovered life.