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HOPE Is on the Menu

HOPE Is on the Menu

When restaurants “86” a menu item it means that servers can’t sell it anymore because the kitchen has run out of the ingredients to make it. The item is usually “86ed” or off the menu for one day. By the next day the ingredients have been purchased and the menu item is back in place. Here at The Healing Place we understand that you deal with addiction one day at a time. Each new day we have to put our recovery ingredients (aka life skills) back in place. It seems only natural that we would partner with local restaurants to help us 86 Addiction in our community.

We received overwhelming support from the restaurant community for the 86 Addiction dining out event on July 22nd. Recognizing the need for recovery services, dozens of area eateries jumped on board to cook up operational dollars for our program. The participating restaurants reported that many customers came in specifically to support The Healing Place. One owner said it was the busiest Wednesday he has had in six months. It really is an inspiration to witness the community come together and support our mission.

I was particularly moved by the number of former clients of The Healing Place we encountered working in the restaurant industry. One owner said that he liked hiring our alumni and others in recovery because they tend to be more accountable – meaning they meet their mistakes head on and focus on solving challenges. Most importantly our alumni are grateful for a second chance and carry a positive attitude into the workplace. One of our alumni shared that he brings a higher level of energy and commitment to his job. Each day here on our Louisville campuses, I watch our 500 clients help each other restore productive lives. Working as productive employees our alumni are building up the city that they once just survived in. 

As the Major Gifts Officer, most of my days are focused on the needs we have. The growing addiction problem in our community has made expansion of our services necessary. Our Men’s Campus Capital Campaign is focused on doubling the number of beds on West Market so that we can rise to meet the needs of our community. Our unmatched success in delivering the tools for addiction recovery is part of my everyday language. Rarely do I get to experience the success of our program like I did with this event. Someone once said that gratitude is an action word. Seeing our alumni living productive lives and the local business community working to support our mission is evidence of this truth.

Today for me, HOPE is back on the menu!