The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


Before coming to The Healing Place, I really had no direction or certain path that I was following to get somewhere in life. The only path that was constant for me over the past ten years was the path of alcohol and drug addiction. Sure there were times when I did not use, but eventually I would end up doing the same things all over again. I honestly saw no problem with doing these things until I found myself selling everything I owned, draining my bank accounts, stealing from friends, living out of my car, and begging my family for money and threatening suicide if they didn’t give me what I asked for.

The Healing Place has helped me realize that I have more than just a drink or drug problem – that it wasn’t just a drink or drug that needed to be removed. The Helping Place pointed out things to me about myself (character defects) that made me realize that if I wanted a new chance at life, something better than what I was doing for myself, ten I had to give in and try what The Healing Place had to offer. I took that chance and let The Healing Place change my life. It has given me a desire to live. It has changed my thinking and my way of looking at things. I have become more open minded and more willing to things that I wouldn’t have been open to or willing to do in the past. The Healing Place introduced me to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, showed me a wonderful fellowship that allowed me to gain numerous friends and support group members. All in all, The Healing Place saved my life.