The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


When I look back, the miracle began when I was incarcerated and met Jay Davidson. Back then, The Healing Place was known as the Morgan Center. When I got out of prison, one of Jay’s ideas was to recruit me to be assistant staff and together, we helped start the program at The Healing Place. 

In our assistant staff meetings, Jay would always create these visions for us; he envisioned there would be The Healing Place models elsewhere. When I got here in June 1993, I didn’t have any type of employable skill. Through my experience at The Healing Place, I was able to work toward my CADC certification. I was on the front end of where The Healing Place is today. I think the environment here at The Healing Place, including the peer-driven community, the accountabilities, the support, the role models, the opportunity for on-the-job training, makes this place a miracle.

This is where my life began to take on a new meaning. I had the tools but I didn’t recognize it, and here I had the love and unconditional support of people who truly understood my condition. I needed that more than anything. That was a really big turning point. I was empowered to take on responsibilities to help other people. I wasn’t used to it, but I quickly grew to love it and I realized I had a knack for doing it. The Healing Place is miracle after miracle after miracle.