The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


When I came to The Healing Place I was hopeless, fearful, and I totally thought I was losing my mind. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stop drinking and using drugs. It was a vicious cycle and I was like a tornado going through the lives of my family. I was like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. I wanted to die. I made three tips to the psychiatric ward, but nothing could help me stop using. 30 day programs, 60 day programs, 90 day programs, nothing. Liquor was my master.

The Healing Place taught me about the disease of alcoholism and I learned that I have a disease, that I’m not a bad person – I’m a sick person who’s wanting to get well. The Healing Place introduced me to the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and that I’m not alone in this. It has given me self-esteem and the faith that I can live a productive life. Right now I’m working in the peer mentors office and going to school to get my GED. I would like to further my education in human services.