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March Madness and Post-Traumatic Stress

March Madness and Post-Traumatic Stress

The clinical definition of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome is that it may develop after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events, such as major stress, assault, terrorism, or other threats on a person's life. The diagnosis may be given when a group of symptoms, such as disturbing recurring flashbacks, avoidance or numbing of memories of the event, and hyper-arousal, continue for more than a month after the occurrence of a traumatic event.

For many of us at The Healing Place, this may hit home. And of course, I’m talking about March Madness and the end of the 2014-2015 college basketball season.

We wake one April morning and our brackets, long busted, are but a memory.

The promise and hope many of us felt just few months ago have been Kaminski’d… stabbed with a Dekker Dagger, leaving our highest aspirations full of holes as if a rancid slice of Wisconsin cheese.

Or perhaps your dreams were centered on a team in red, certainly not expected to do much in the Big Dance that may have exceeded expectations only to fall agonizingly just short.

The great thing about hopes and dreams and that sometimes they come true. If you are a basketball fan in this Commonwealth it is important to recognize the abundance of riches and joys that spring from this hotbed of hoops -- with all the hot air and hatin’ that comes with it.

We are indeed lucky -- just as those of us in recovery or who work in recovery are. Every day provides a new season of sorts to aspire to something better. Every new client is like a freshman we hope we can help to a successful life which we know takes practice, study and hard work.

For us, each 24 hours is a clean slate, a new schedule with opponents to face and victories and defeats and hope springs eternal. We must ask ourselves every day: are we game-ready with a game-plan? Are we putting in the work to be a better person, a better servant, knowing that there will be bumps along the way, buzzer-beaters we never expected? Sometimes life just puts an industrial strength dunk our plans.

So we shake hands with the past and help others to do the same, to get back down court and realize that in the overall scheme of things, that One Shining Moment is ever elusive, yet we embrace the opportunity to try once more.

So on this day, from this huddle, Let’s go get ‘em!