The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


After several attempts and failures at doing recovery my way, I came into The Healing Place after assaulting my husband in an alcohol-induced rage. I had been at The Healing Place back in 2009 and had managed to piece together a few stints of dry time from the time I left until the time that I came back. When I came back to The Healing Place, I finally made a decision to do something different in my life for me.

The Healing Place has given me a life. I had no idea how to live without drinking. The Healing Place has showed me that I am somebody; I am capable of functioning as a productive member of society. It is teaching me how to be a sober mother through it all. The most important thing I got at The Healing Place was a relationship with a power greater than myself. I found God at The Healing Place. The Healing Place not only saved my life, it gave me a life and I will always be grateful for that.