The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


I was homeless. I had $20 in my pocket and everything I owned was in a backpack. I had nowhere to go and really, it was just the last option. I was terrified to walk in the door. I had been running down the streets before with bullets whizzing by and I wasn’t as scared as I was walking in the door. When I came in, I came in ready. I had already been through jail and the psych ward. I was suicidal, life had crashed. There are times that God shows me that He’s there and that He’s behind me. I checked in with these steel-toed boots on and when it warmed up, here I was trudging to St. Catherine’s two miles away in the heat in these big steel-toed boots. Back in the day, I always kept around a fresh pair of white Nikes. I was talking to a buddy in the courtyard and we were the only ones there and I was telling him about my need for some shoes. About a week later, I’m coming out of class at St. Catherine and this guy was sitting there. He had interacted with me when I was in detox months earlier. His name was Brandon. I hadn’t really seen him since I got out of detox and here he is sitting on the stairs waiting for us to get out of class. He runs up to his place and comes out and he’s got a shoebox and there’s a brand new pair of white Nikes. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve got a couple of stories like that. There’s no way that’s coincidence. That’s God. While I was in the program, I developed this relationship with God. I realized that he’s here (The Healing Place); this is where I met Him. Now I help supervise the shelter that took me in.