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Men's Campus Expansion: Why It Is So Important

Men's Campus Expansion: Why It Is So Important

The Healing Place has provided valuable drug and alcohol services to the Louisville community for 26 years. The Men’s Campus at 10th and Market started as a homeless shelter and now serves as a long-term recovery program for 250 men daily. A lot has changed through the years including the growing need for our services. Our community is not exempt from the growing national addiction problem. To meet the demand for recovery services, The Healing Place must grow and expand our Men’s Campus facilities.

Every day, we are forced to turn away 10 to 30 men who want our services simply because we do not have enough beds for them. In the month of July, we were forced to turn away 500 men who were desperate for our solution. Someone asked me not long ago where these men went. It saddens me that I really do not have a good answer, at least one that I can accept. These men are going to the streets, sleeping in homeless camps, or under bridges. They are clogging up our overcrowded jails and running up indigent services at hospitals and social service centers. What makes this even more difficult is that every day I have the privilege to watch our clients restore their lives and become productive citizens. What if... What if we could offer this same solution to more men?

In 2014, we launched a $24 million Men’s Campus Capital Campaign to expand the Men’s Campus and almost double the number of beds available. To date, we have raised $5.4 million. These gifts have come from our leaders in our community: foundations, companies, and individuals. They have invested in this project to have powerful impact on the lives of countless men eager for a new lease on life. This goal will be achieved through a combination of tax credits, mortgage loan, and philanthropy.

The generosity of our supporters has turned desperate optimism into reality. Each day as the goal gets closer, I am motivated a little more by the vision of the beds we will provide and less by the beds we cannot. Ann Lindbergh once said “one can never pay in gratitude; one can only pay in kind somewhere else in life.”

As I head into another holiday season, blessed beyond measure, I once again have a lot to be thankful for. My “what if” has turned into “when we do”. Like that little kid counting the days until Christmas, I still have enough “what if” left. I want to thank everyone who has supported the Capital Campaign. I hope that all of you will be filled with gratitude when The Healing Place is able to provide more recovery services to the thousands in need.

If you would like to join in this effort please contact me: 502-618-1579 or