The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


My adult children thought I had finally “made it”. The four of them had found the one hospital in the country that would detox me under anesthesia off of 300 mgs of methadone a day for ten years. This was in 2007. In 2012, not knowing anything about the phenomenon of craving, I had surgery. Having morphine and several scripts of Lortab, I was off on that well-known spree. I also started doing meth just as I had in the ‘70s when I also used heroin and cocaine. One night at my house, my “friends” and I were having a meth party and all of a sudden my daughter was there. I just remember thinking “thank God it’s over.” My brother-in-law is the director of The Healing Place in Raleigh, NC and he emphatically said “Louisville! The best in the country!” He was right.

Thanks to The Healing Place and Alcoholics Anonymous, I now know what’s wrong with me. I never knew about mental obsession, the phenomenon of craving, etc. Now I know I can never use in any form. My faith in God has grown so much! When I finally turned my will over to Him, He has handled everything. What has really made my faith grow is all the small things. Looking back, I am amazed that how everything The Healing Place has “suggested” I do was for a purpose. This social model has changed my perception of living and working with others, our common welfare, our community. This House means so much to me. I want to do what I can for those who come after me. I want everyone to have a life-changing THP experience!