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One Day

One Day

Those of us who have experienced The Healing Place know how special and unique of a program it is. In order to really comprehend and pass on what this program provides to the thousands of people who walk through its doors, we as alumni are called to not only advocate for this program, but to do more and give back. There is a saying around the buildings of AA and the THP – “In order to keep what we have; we must give it away.”

The Healing Place has a 80% recovery rate and the ability to care for our clients for only $25 per person per day. Not only are we one of the most effective and efficient recovery programs in existence, but our program is provided at no cost to our clients even though we do not take insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid and we only receive very limited government funding. That being said, without personal donations from alumni, corporations, foundations, and people in our community, The Healing Place would not be able to operate and help the amount of men and women we currently serve.

My name is Erin Fogarty and I am a proud alumni and now employee of The Healing Place. On my journey to recovery, I tried many times and different options to try and get sober before I gave The Healing Place a chance. Besides sitting through a few AA meetings (in which I was clueless and closed minded to), every option I tried was a paid option. I did not fail because of the quality of those places, I failed because I was not receptive to the message at that point. Those options were not paid by myself; they were funded by loved ones in my family who desperately wanted to save my life and get me sober. The problem was that I didn’t want it for myself yet and went to these treatment centers for someone else. When I arrived at these places I was given a taste of recovery and this became a cycle of short lived attempts.

When I had endured enough pain and experienced many consequences (with the law, losing jobs, friends) and my family finally had enough sense to step away from me and offer tough love, I decided for the first time to get help for myself. This time I made the decision to go to the long-term program at The Healing Place and my life was forever changed -- all cost-free to my family and I.

Let that sit in for a second. FREE OF CHARGE to the client. That means in the 15 months I spent in the recovery program and Peer Mentor’s office, I received recovery, shelter, food, and clothing for free. That was approximately 450 days I lived in The Healing Place without having to worry about funding my recovery journey. All I had to worry about was staying sober and doing what The Healing Place was teaching me.

Now let this sink in: before The Healing Place, the treatment centers in which my family paid out of pocket for cost an average of $2,500 per day. Those programs I attended were not the problem; they were highly recognized and recommended. I was the problem. I simply had not reached my bottom. At that point in my addiction, I needed long-term treatment where I could take a break from the everyday hell that I was living and get to the root of my problems and addiction.

When I was a client, and even as a new alumni, I was naive and uneducated about everything I was actually receiving towards my recovery from The Healing Place. I understood the services provided but I was unaware of who was helping fund the lifesaving services I was getting every day at no cost to me. To name a few, each day The Healing Place provides to each of its clients:

• Food
• Shelter
• Clothing
• Medical care
• Recovery services (including all classes)
• Support
• Freedom

Because of generous donors and supporters, The Healing Place is currently serving 700 men and women on three campuses daily. Because of the jobs clients have, The Healing Place is able to operate at a cost of $25 per client per day.

I am calling to all alumni to help. I know that I need to do more, and all of our alumni as a whole need to as well. If you give only $25, that may or may not seem like a lot to you BUT IT IS!! All we have is today and by giving one day to a person entering the program, you could be saving their life. You are giving that person a chance at beating and treating their disease.

Before I got sober I had “one day...” dreams. I would always say or think to myself, “One day I will be successful.“One day I will finish school.” “One day I will have children and provide for them.“One day I will have a purpose. I can now say that I have achieved many of those “one day…” dreams all because several people donated out of their own pocket to give me one day at The Healing Place.

I hope as alumni, we can get encouraged and inspired to think about giving back more than we already do to the program that saved our lives. It’s not about the money. It’s about helping The Healing Place continue to do what they are doing now and hopefully making it possible for them to reach even more men and women. We owe that much to the people and The Healing Place organization that believed in us and the mission of restoring lives.

Jay Davidson was interviewed earlier this year about his vision of this organization. His description of what this program does for the person and what we in turn can do for others is perfectly said:

“I brief all the candidates before they become peer mentors and I tell them that they are about to embark on the greatest adventure of their life. What a grace, what a privilege, what a blessing it is to be able to impart just a small amount of experience, strength, and hope to another human being that will affect the rest of their life. What a gift that is. And that person will go on to help somebody else who will help somebody else who will help somebody else.”

If you are interested in making a one time, a monthly, or even quarterly donation, please reach out today. Because all each of us has is just one day.

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