The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


I’m a former client first and foremost. I came to The Healing Place in 2008 and, for me, you really hit the turning point when you utilize the recovery tools outside The Healing Place that you learned while in the program.

You never really know the strength of your personal recovery until you overcome a situation which threatens recovery and you’re all alone. Mine happened when I moved to Owensboro to open a replication of The Healing Place as a Peer Mentor and after about six months, I got a staff position. When I received this position, I rented a house. So now, I’m all by myself for the first time in sobriety with around 18 months of clean time. One night I randomly opened the medicine cabinet which I had never looked in until this time. What I saw stunned me. There was a bottle of prescription opiates from the previous tenant, and that was my drug of addiction. I can remember just staring at it. I put the medication back and closed the medicine cabinet as a wave of fear came over me. I lay in bed; covers pulled over my head like a child scared of the boogeyman, and began using these principles instilled from The Healing Place. I asked God for help, called support group members, and was able to weigh the consequences of what would happen if I did use. Eventually I prayed myself to sleep. I woke up the next morning a different and stronger man. That’s when I knew I had what it takes to stay sober. That was the ultimate test.