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Profiles of Recovery

  • Keenan

    I was born and raised in Louisville, KY. I had a great childhood with two loving and supportive parents and a great family. I never had anything to complain about. I made good grades and I was involved with swimming while growing up. I entered high school and I continued to make good grades. I only drank a couple times while I was in school; I didn’t do drugs or party and I looked down on people who did drugs.

    During college, I met a guy who introduced me to the other side of life – drugs and partying all the time. I was 21 the first time I got high and it was a downward spiral from there. My grades started slipping, my attitude changed, and I wanted nothing to do with my friends or my family.

    As the drug use continued, my family thought I would never get my life together. When I was 24 I found out I was pregnant. Even though I wanted so badly to be a good mom, I still could not stop using drugs. The day my daughter was born was the best day of my life. I wanted to get my life together for her. I went through an outpatient drug program and stayed off drugs for a while.

    In October 2015, I decided I could use drugs again be okay. I got into a horrible car wreck with my daughter in the car, almost killing both of us. Laying in the hospital bed, I knew I was not going to have many more chances in life and I had to change. That’s when someone told me about The Healing Place.

    I came to The Healing place in November 2015 and my life hasn’t been the same since. The Healing Place taught me that not only did I have to not use drugs or alcohol, but I had to change my whole lifestyle. I made some amazing friends along the journey who helped me and showed me how to be a good person and good mother. It gave me hope again. Today I know that if I stay sober I can do anything. The Healing Place saved my life.

  • Erik

    I was sick of everything, but I came to The Healing Place really because I was homeless. I didn’t come to get sober, I came because I was homeless and it was winter time, work was slow, and I was getting jammed up financially. I got here and realized that I could hide away from everybody. I needed that because it was getting loud in my head. I got here and I was comfortable so I stayed.

    It introduced me to Alcoholics Anonymous, like really introduced me to AA. You can force somebody to do the steps but you can’t force them to do it honestly. The Healing Place took me through the steps, explained the steps, and let me just take a look at me. Once I realized that I was the issue that changed everything. The Healing Place helped me with support and having a home base to come to. All of my buddies are people who work at The Healing Place.

    Since leaving, I haven’t been to jail, I’ve held the same job, I have insurance, and I’m not suicidal. I’m genuinely happy with my life. That’s how The Healing Place has helped me.

  • Kevin

    After many countless vain attempts to stay sober, a doctor in Lawrenceburg, Indiana told me about The Healing Place. Of course I was desperate, so I decided to give it a shot. I had no idea that my life was going to change! I was hoping to get a couple of months sober so I could return back to Cincinnati.

    Since going through the program, my life has taken on new meaning! I own my own cleaning business and so many other opportunities have come my way! I am now a good son, brother, and the strength of my family -- not to mention a citizen and not a menace to society! I owe my life to The Healing Place!

  • Michael

    I came to The Healing Place out of fear. I was serving time for non-support at C.C.C. (Community Corrections Center). I was a work-release inmate who had no job, but was able to go out and look for one. One day as I was out looking for work, I made a decision to use. I never made it back. When I made it to detox, I was full of fear. I didn't want to go back to have to go back to jail, but I didn't want to stop drinking and using either so I decided to hide at The Healing Place and plan my next move. Thank God that I did, because I heard something that changed my life. I was introduced to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and my life hasn't been the same.

    The Healing Place has given me structure in my life because I never had any. I was taught how to show up for jobs or any other commitments at least 20 to 30 minutes early. The Healing Place has taught me to be a better employee, a better supervisor, and a better person. Today, to the best of my ability, I am a person of integrity. If I say I will do something, I will do it and if I can't, I am considerate enough to call and let a person know. Thank you THP!

  • Debbie

    I am currently 58 years old. For 42 years of my life, I drank and used drugs. My addiction has hurt everyone in my life who has ever cared about me: family, friends, employers, husband, and men who loved me. From the age of 16, my using caused problems. I began an endless cycle of psychiatric wards, jails, treatment centers, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and halfway houses. My life was a hell I couldn’t escape from. I tried many times to kill myself and figured that I was destined to go on until the bitter end. It was not that I didn’t want sobriety – I wanted it more than life itself. I would go to AA and pick up chips even though I was taking drugs. I would go to NA and pick up chips even though I was drinking. There would be brief periods of abstinence, but no lasting sobriety. Every time I attended a speaker meeting, I would fantasize about being able to share my experience, strength, and hope (of which I had none). Every time I went to an AA birthday, I would cry because I would put myself in the birthday person’s place and think about my family being there and being PROUD of me.

    When I came to The Healing Place, it was after having been unable to stay sober following surgery. Five weeks before I came into detox, my father had congestive heart failure. My sisters and I kneeled and prayed that he would survive. All I could think was God please let him live long enough to see me sober and know we’ll be able to take care of my mom. Three weeks later, I was in detox. After eight days, I left The Healing Place and went back to the halfway house I was living in at the time. A week later, I was back in detox. Thank God the women who ran the house were alumni of The Healing Place. I still wasn’t going to stay. I was going to leave in my car, go to a shelter, and as soon as I got my disability check I was going to get an apartment. My car was wrecked in detox. I got one check and that was after I had been in the program for more than a month. By that time, I wanted to stay. God did for me what no one in this whole world could do for me.

    My God is no longer an external deity looking down from afar; he lives within me and within everyone. I can now look the world in the eye. When I first came to The Healing Place, I was filled with shame, regret, fear, and self-loathing and I walked with my head down. No longer. I hold my head high. The program taught me the Big Book and, through it and the program of action it entails, how to stay sober. I had a Big Book that was four years old from another treatment center and all I had in it was a painting that someone had painted in it. My book is now highlighted, written in, doodled in, and has become an extension of my right arm. The program requires that we get a sponsor and my sponsor is the one person in my life I can trust above all others. Before coming to The Healing Place, I didn’t trust anyone. How could I tell anyone all the things I had done, experienced, and thought. Wouldn’t she hate me? Be disgusted to be around me? My sponsor loves me unconditionally and I love her in the same way. Through her, I have learned to love others in the same way. I now go to AA/NA meetings and enjoy what is going on in the moment. No longer do I fantasize about my birthday or what I am going to say. If this program has taught me anything, it is that if I do what I have been taught and have faith that God has me no matter what, I will stay sober one day at a time. Should I stumble and fall, I know The Healing Place has its hands open to catch me and heal me back to life.

    My love and prayers go out to all still suffering from this terrible disease. Please know – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  • Nancy

    My adult children thought I had finally “made it”. The four of them had found the one hospital in the country that would detox me under anesthesia off of 300 mgs of methadone a day for ten years. This was in 2007. In 2012, not knowing anything about the phenomenon of craving, I had surgery. Having morphine and several scripts of Lortab, I was off on that well-known spree. I also started doing meth just as I had in the ‘70s when I also used heroin and cocaine. One night at my house, my “friends” and I were having a meth party and all of a sudden my daughter was there. I just remember thinking “thank God it’s over.” My brother-in-law is the director of The Healing Place in Raleigh, NC and he emphatically said “Louisville! The best in the country!” He was right.

    Thanks to The Healing Place and Alcoholics Anonymous, I now know what’s wrong with me. I never knew about mental obsession, the phenomenon of craving, etc. Now I know I can never use in any form. My faith in God has grown so much! When I finally turned my will over to Him, He has handled everything. What has really made my faith grow is all the small things. Looking back, I am amazed that how everything The Healing Place has “suggested” I do was for a purpose. This social model has changed my perception of living and working with others, our common welfare, our community. This House means so much to me. I want to do what I can for those who come after me. I want everyone to have a life-changing THP experience!

  • Amanda

    I arrived at The Healing Place via the Department of Corrections. After abusing drugs and alcohol severely since my early teenage years, my actions had finally caught up with me. I sat in prison surrounded by concrete, wearing a badge with a number on it for an identity. I felt dehumanized, broken, hopeless, and at the lowest point of my entire life. My constant companions were my heart full of broken promises that I had made to myself, tattered pictures of my family whom I had hurt, and the consuming self-loathing that I had for myself. Some days I felt as if I just could not go on any longer. I was haunted by the person that I could have been; the mother, daughter, aunt, sister, employee, and friend… the woman I had always dreamed of being, until addiction took her away.

    The Healing Place literally saved my life. I no longer lay awake at night and think of the loved ones lives that I have destroyed. I am able to hear the happiness in my children’s sweet voices. I am lucky enough to feel the love my mother has for me every time she sees me. After going through The Healing Place program, I decided to be a peer mentor. Through this experience, of helping others in recovery, a fire was ignited within. I believe I have found my purpose in life…to help others who suffer from addiction. I am currently the supervisor of detox at The Healing Place’s Women’s Campus. I am a college student who has remained on the Dean’s List since my educational journey began; most importantly I am a friend, a reliable employee, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, and I try daily to become that person that I could have been. I am eternally grateful for The Healing Place. Words cannot begin to express what my sobriety means to me. It is my pleasure every day to help women just like myself get their lives back.

  • LaTonya

    I wasted so many years of my life making poor choices and bad decisions. Everything I touched turned toxic. I heard about The Healing Place at a very critical part of my addiction on the streets of Chicago. When I came to The Healing Place, I had no idea what was wrong with me or what I wanted to do. All I know is that I woke up one day and decided that I didn't want to feel the way I felt at that time ever again.

    The Healing Place gave me the will to live and prosper. I have totally changed my life and am a productive member of society. I have integrity and can look the world in the eye. I am now the detox coordinator at The Healing Place’s Women’s Campus and that is exactly where God intended me to be. My attitude will always be gratitude for The Healing Place.

  • Steven

    On March 23, 2013 I overdosed on heroin.
    I got arrested and spent almost a year in prison. I got out on February 10, 2014 and found that what little life I had was gone.
    I lived in Carrollton, KY and I couldn't even get anyone to come and pick me up. They took me to a homeless shelter in Jeffersonville, IN and the best idea I could come up with was to get drunk. For some reason I stopped myself. What I would usually do is go to jail, get out, do the same thing, and go back -- then repeat the cycle. I knew that if I kept doing the same thing, I'd keep getting the same results. I'd heard about The Healing Place so I figured I would give it a try... and I haven't looked back.

    The Healing Place has helped me SO much. It has helped show me that life IS more than just about Steve. When I came here, the world revolved around me. Now I can see that that's far from the truth. With the friends I've made at The Healing Place, I am more confident than I've been my whole life. I walk with my head held high!

  • Nathan

    Before coming to The Healing Place, I was homeless and living on the streets. I didn't think that I really had a problem with drugs and alcohol. I thought that I was just using that stuff to treat my depression. I was full of anger and fear and I thought the world was a miserable place. I was pretty much just waiting to die. I was walking down Market Street one night and I asked a guy for a cigarette. He gave me one and asked me if I had anywhere to stay that night. I told him no, so he radioed the overnight staff at The Healing Place and they gave me a mat on the floor. In the care of those men, I felt safer than I had in years.

    While at The Healing Place, I learned that I have a spiritual malady. I learned how to cope with anxiety and depression. I learned about the disease of alcoholism and why I abuse substances. Then I learned how to behave differently. I learned how to accept help and I learned how to help others face the same problems that I struggled with all of my life. I learned how to be happy and how to trust again. Most importantly, I learned how to love myself and others -- and I'm not afraid to show it! I am forever grateful to The Healing Place because without this place I would not have been able to learn the importance of spirituality or how to embrace it.I am grateful for the selfless and dedicated efforts of the people that serve and work at The Healing Place because I would not have ever come across a positive example that I could relate to without them.

  • Paula

    I was brought to The Healing Place by Department of Corrections. I was released on parole with circumstances of completing a Substance Abuse Program. I had been incarcerated for almost two years because of troubles of my own making. During that time I began to realize what my life had become. I had a lot of questions “why” and “how” did I get here. This isn’t the way my life was supposed to turn out. That’s not who I was but who I became during my drug and alcohol addiction. I was consumed with guilt, misery, remorse and shame. I was lifeless and spiritually bankrupt. I was clueless of my disease.

    The Healing Place helped me understand the answer to my “why” questions. I started to grasp the concept of my disease and why I did the things I did. They also taught me that there was a solution for all my problems including my alcoholism and drug addiction. I found it very interesting to learn about this disease. I know that I have a choice every day I wake up and that I don’t have to go back to that old lifestyle. I thank God for working through the justice system and putting me on this amazing journey! I am able to be the mother, daughter, sister, and employee that God intended me to be all along. Most importantly, I am able to help other women just like me! 

  • Lara

    When I came to The Healing Place I was hopeless, fearful, and I totally thought I was losing my mind. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stop drinking and using drugs. It was a vicious cycle and I was like a tornado going through the lives of my family. I was like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. I wanted to die. I made three tips to the psychiatric ward, but nothing could help me stop using. 30 day programs, 60 day programs, 90 day programs, nothing. Liquor was my master.

    The Healing Place taught me about the disease of alcoholism and I learned that I have a disease, that I’m not a bad person – I’m a sick person who’s wanting to get well. The Healing Place introduced me to the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and that I’m not alone in this. It has given me self-esteem and the faith that I can live a productive life. Right now I’m working in the peer mentors office and going to school to get my GED. I would like to further my education in human services. 

  • Austin

    I washed up in detox at The Healing Place because I had nowhere else to go. I was mentally, spiritually, and physically bankrupt. I had given away everything I had, including my family and my own daughter. I was lost in the disease of alcoholism and addiction and didn’t know the way out. I had a little taste of The Healing Place in 2008 and saw the miracles that can happen but I just wasn’t ready and had to go get some more pain from the streets. Three years later I was back and surrendered.

    The Healing Place introduced me to a new way of life, a design for living that one day at a time has given me more opportunity then I have ever imagined. Not only did I complete the program, I committed to eight months in the peer mentors office and fulfilled that commitment. After leaving the peer mentors office, I became a staff member in detox and haven’t looked back. I went from a part-time monitor to a full-time monitor and now I’m the Men’s Detox Coordinator. I have an amazing family, I have my beautiful daughter back, and house that I can call my own. All of this is due to The Healing Place. I’m forever indebted. 

  • Chris

    My life was so unmanageable because of my drinking. I had lost my job of 17 years and I was lost in the grip of alcoholism. I got to the point where I did not want to live anymore and the only thing I could think of was my daughter and how her life would be if I killed myself. After coming out of a blackout, I got on the computer and typed in the word "recovery" and a place at 10th and Market came up.

    The Healing Place gave me the opportunity to sit still in a safe, drug- and alcohol-free environment and work on myself by working the 12 Steps of recovery. I found that my life was worth living and started to see that there was hope to live again. By being at The Healing Place, I have gotten an A-1 education on addiction and I'm now helping others suffering from this disease. I have a new outlook on life and I want to dedicate my life to helping others in recovery full time. 

  • Joe

    When I arrived at The Healing Place on September 11, 2013, I had been on a path of destruction for the last 15 years. Drugs and alcohol were my masters and I was in the grip of a progressive illness. I had annihilated everything worthwhile in life and I had to make a decision to accept spiritual help. My little brother was working in detox and he had been sober for 15 months. He paved the way and sold me on not only The Healing Place, but Alcoholics Anonymous as well.

    The Healing Place has helped me in so many ways. It’s the most amazing and powerful divine intervention I have ever encountered. It allowed me to sit down in a structured environment and focus on myself. I was able to work the 12 Steps of AA and WOW! Words cannot explain. My gratitude is everlasting for this process. One year to the day after arriving at The Healing Place, I was sitting in the Peer Mentors office with 365 continuous days of sobriety and telling people what The Healing Place has done for me. Now that’s depth and weight, wouldn't you agree?

  • Selena

    I have heard if you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans. I had come to The Healing Place in April 2008 from Las Vegas with the plan of getting sober, regaining custody of my son, and heading back. I am still here so God must be laughing hysterically. There is just something about this place that makes you want to stick around! Every day is like spring with people coming back to life. I’m so grateful to still be here and be a part of the miracles all around!

    On May 15, 2008, my 28th birthday, we did the groundbreaking for the new women’s campus. On that day, God let me know that getting sober was not just about me. I got to be involved in the build from the under-the-roof tour to being among the first group of women to live in the new building. It was so amazing moving everything and everyone in. Even more amazing was thinking we would never fill this place to being filled to capacity within months! Getting to see how many women this new building has helped is a gift that does not stop giving because they just keep coming and coming! This is just one blessing I have encountered in my time at The Healing Place and I definitely do not take it for granted!

  • Doug

    The summer of 2007 is when alcoholism took over my life and I became homeless. I moved myself and all my worldly possessions under a bridge off Broadway and Barret. I would walk uptown to panhandle for my next drink. There was a park bench outside of a bar on Bardstown Rd. that I would rest on. On the evening of August 11, 2007 I decided that I wanted something more for my life. I said the classic alcoholic prayer, “God please help me.” For weeks my plan had been to walk to the bridge, gather my things, and head to The Healing Place. The problem is that every time I got to the bridge the will to go to detox was gone. This evening was different and someone pulled over to offer me a ride. Getting in his car, I told him that I wanted to go to 10th & Market and with some misgiving he agreed to take me there. The miracle here is that we passed up that bridge and straight to detox I went.

    After completing the program in March 2008 I moved into my first apartment two doors down from that bench. I went into the business and asked for that bench, telling them my story. The owner was delighted to give it to me. Today that bench sits on the front porch of the home my wife and I purchased. People often ask if I ever got the name of the man who drove me to detox that night. I just smile and say, why yes… His name was GOD.

  • Jordan

    I was 20 years old when I first came to The Healing Place in October 2011. After completing the program, I went into the Peer Mentor’s office. I really didn’t want to, but there was a thing going around saying to do things you don’t want to do and that was one of the things I did not want to do. I did it and that experience has helped me gain a lot of patience and tolerance. Right now, I’m in school to be a civil engineer and working part-time. I’m going to meetings, sponsoring people, everything that my forefathers told me to do I’ve done. As a result of that, I’m still sober and doing what I need to do. I still have fun; I’m young, I’ve got to have fun. I like to show people that once you get sober, you can still have fun. A lot of people associate alcohol and drugs with fun, but you can definitely have fun without them.

    Since I’m young, The Healing Place has given me hope and a new life. It’s like I’m living my second life. The Healing Place has given me my dreams back, allowing me to have the motivation and determination to achieve the goals I have for myself. There was a point where I thought I would never be able to do the things I dreamed of, but coming through The Healing Place has given me discipline, responsibility, and has allowed me to take responsibility for my actions. It has allowed my life to blossom in ways I can’t explain or even understand. I just know what I’m doing now is working for me and I’m not going to stop.

  • Maurice

    I was homeless. I had $20 in my pocket and everything I owned was in a backpack. I had nowhere to go and really, it was just the last option. I was terrified to walk in the door. I had been running down the streets before with bullets whizzing by and I wasn’t as scared as I was walking in the door. When I came in, I came in ready. I had already been through jail and the psych ward. I was suicidal, life had crashed. There are times that God shows me that He’s there and that He’s behind me. I checked in with these steel-toed boots on and when it warmed up, here I was trudging to St. Catherine’s two miles away in the heat in these big steel-toed boots. Back in the day, I always kept around a fresh pair of white Nikes. I was talking to a buddy in the courtyard and we were the only ones there and I was telling him about my need for some shoes. About a week later, I’m coming out of class at St. Catherine and this guy was sitting there. He had interacted with me when I was in detox months earlier. His name was Brandon. I hadn’t really seen him since I got out of detox and here he is sitting on the stairs waiting for us to get out of class. He runs up to his place and comes out and he’s got a shoebox and there’s a brand new pair of white Nikes. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve got a couple of stories like that. There’s no way that’s coincidence. That’s God. While I was in the program, I developed this relationship with God. I realized that he’s here (The Healing Place); this is where I met Him. Now I help supervise the shelter that took me in.

  • Brian

    My sobriety date is April 1, 2006 and I silver chipped in December 2006. It took me eight months and ten days to get through the program. After I silver chipped, I went to the Peer Mentor’s office for three months, and then I went and worked for a little bit. I came back because I decided that when I was in OTS I was going to be part of the replication team. By the time I 12-Stepped, I was able to leave the office, go work for a bit, come back and do another three-month period, and then go replicate what I had learned. It was just an awesome experience. The Healing Place gave me the ability to accept my peers looking at me and seeing the problem; being able to help me through it and then me being able to process that without the anger or resentment that comes with someone being accusatory or saying “this is what you did.” It just helped me grow up.

    It was amazing being part of the replication process that started in 2007 because of the Recovery Kentucky initiative. We opened up five different men’s facilities and I was a part of the first one, the Morehead Inspirational Center, and it was really special. I then got the chance to go to Clarksville, TN and subcontract with a company called Buffalo Valley and I helped them put in a peer-to-peer program that was pretty successful.


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