The Healing Place

Reflecting on 2015

Reflecting on 2015

This time of year is always best for reflecting on the past – past challenges and past accomplishments. For The Healing Place, we crossed some significant hurdles and have some things to feel proud of!

The year started with us reflecting on our celebration of 25 years in business. With that behind us, it was time to think about the next 25 years! We began a serious effort to raise the money for the Capital Campaign to rebuild the Men's Campus. We had hoped to be able to begin demolition of old buildings in 2015 but that didn't happen... and that's okay. While the community needs more beds and more services, things will come in their own time. We have made significant progress in the Capital Campaign but we want to make sure that we have enough money raised to offset the potential debt – and so we trudge along. Hopefully, we can begin work in 2016!

Last year also saw some changes administratively for the agency. We now have an extremely exciting team working with us to grow and expand in the future while keeping our core principles in place. As we think about growth, we must always stay true to who we are and what we do – helping those who continue to suffer from the disease of addiction.

We also hosted our first Heroin Symposium this past fall and it was a great success! We are hoping to have an annual symposium in the fall that focuses on addiction and various aspects of addiction. We already have great ideas for this year so keep an eye out for information about that.

Our biggest challenge remains trying to find a way to meet the need that it is presented to us every day. This past year saw us turning away as many as 300 men a month who desperately need our help. The problems just continue to grow as does our frustration to keep up. We will continue to work to find creative solutions to overcrowding and plan for expansion. We will keep those still suffering in our hearts and prayers.