The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


The Healing Place saved my life and that in itself is a miracle. At a point where I believed death would be preferable to a life of fear and misery, the people of The Healing Place asked me essentially do two things: sit still and find out what was wrong with me. What I found out was this: I was not a bad person wanting to get “good” I was a sick person who wanted to get well. I found out I had a disease and that I was not alone. I found out I no longer had to hide with guilt and shame. I found out there is a solution, but that it would take work and commitment. I found out there is no stronger bond among people than shared suffering. And I found out that somewhere along the line I could give up all hope of a better past. That I could do and be anything I wanted sober. That I am not what happened to me, rather what I can become: a better father, son, brother and servant. That God has plans for me. That I could ask for forgiveness, and learn that it was my behavior that alarmed my family and friends. That it was that behavior they did not love, not me. Today, I have my three wonderful sons and my precious daughter all back in my life, a feeling which exceeds anything I could have comprehended. I have true friends and a purpose in life. Today, I know promises can come true. Today, I find peace through helping others. And today I am able to do just that as part of The Healing Place team, helping others find their miracle too.