The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


Ronnie grew up in a small pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico in a traditional Native American culture but alcohol pulled him away from his family and his traditional ways.  In high school he started experimenting with marijuana and alcohol, by age 18 he started getting in trouble and his time of being in and out of jail began.

Ronnie served extensive jail terms because of alcohol abuse and DUIs.  He participated in several outpatient treatment programs but they never worked because “I never would admit I was an alcoholic,” says Ronnie.

“I got in trouble in the Summer of 2010 and it was the third time in six months.  I finally surrendered that my life with alcohol was a  problem and I asked the courts for help – for an option,” says Ronnie. “I was referred to The Healing Place – it was enter the program or serve an extended jail time.  Within a month of my last arrest I was in Kentucky.”

Ronnie didn’t know what to expect coming to The Healing Place but he was ready to go to any lengths to do the work to get sober and change.  “I have had time to surrender.  I don’t need to live ‘that’ life – there is so much more to live for.  The Healing Place has given me a new foundation to have a clean and sober life.  And it has given me the strength to move forward on my journey in life.”

Alcohol is more than a problem

“I knew I had a problem.  I never considered my alcoholism a disease.  Now I treat it as such,” says Ronnie. “I know I will never be cured but I will continue on my recovery.”  Ronnie is planning on going back to New Mexico and rejoin his prior employment as a wildland firefighter and move into fire management.  He also wants to go to school to be a drug and alcohol counselor.  He wants to help other alcoholics find a way out and give back what was freely given to him.

“At The Healing Place the main priority is getting sober and working with other alcoholics.  The classes in the program made the difference over other programs,” says Ronnie.  “I want to take what I have learned back to my people and educate them – to help others.  I strongly suggest The Healing Place to any Native American who has a problem with drugs or alcohol.  It works!  All you have to do is take one day at a time.”