The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


I have a bond that’s like a husband and wife or a father and his kids: that’s the bond that I have with The Healing Place and can never pay back. I never say no to anything. April 13, 2010. That’s when I first came into The Healing Place for detox. From a desperate and hopeless man without anything except a name that was worthless — to a father, an employee of The Healing Place, a friend, a sponsor, a son, and a role model to those in despair in society. That’s what The Healing Place has given to me so I give back as much as I can. 

I actually found my God. The noise that was always in my head haunting me was gone. The obsession was lifted and I learned to love myself, I learned to love others, and I got my family back. That was awesome. And that’s because they allow God to be at The Healing Place. I learned to trust people, to help people, and to love people; and to deal with situations that I couldn't deal with before. Most importantly, I had a spiritual experience. The pain that everyone suffers, I felt that same pain. The Healing Place has allowed me to be a father and a husband to my family. It is amazing working for The Healing Place at Churchill Downs, facilitating a class, and being an employee at the Brady Center.