The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


My journey to The Healing Place began in Huntsville, AL on March 18, 2011. A friend I’d been staying with finally had enough of my drinking and kicked me out. I was put on a bus to Huntington, WV, where I had used drugs for many years and planned to reconnect with old friends there. God had other plans. Each time the bus stopped, I’d stock up on more liquor. There was a two-hour layover in Louisville so I left the station to try and find more alcohol and drugs. I got back and found that the bus had already left. After walking around for a couple of hours, I called a friend, who was a Peer Mentor at The Healing Place. I passed out on the curb waiting for her. She actually walked past me a few times and finally called my phone, which was still clutched in my hand. She didn’t recognize me. She picked me up and took me to The Healing Place. I arrived completely broken and I didn’t believe life was worth living any longer. I’d lost everything in my life and couldn’t understand why I kept hurting myself and all of the people who loved me. As I learned about the disease of alcoholism, I began to understand why I made the decisions I did. My life began to look brighter and I no longer wished that I would die. I had hope.

I have been able to reconcile with my family and friends and I now have a relationship with my parents that I thought was long gone. I believe in myself today and I’m proud to say that I am a recovering alcoholic. My life is the miracle I received from The Healing Place.