The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


When I was a kid, I got baptized. My mom and dad had sent me to a summer Bible camp and I got baptized in the swimming pool. The first night I accepted Jesus and the second night I got baptized. When I got baptized I felt the power of God. There wasn’t a bright light or anything but I felt the power of God. Between then and the time I got to The Healing Place, a lot of that had left. When I did my 4th Step, I didn’t really trust God; I had a big resentment against him and I didn’t trust the process of the 4th and 5th Steps. So I told God I would make a deal with Him that I would do the 4th and 5th Steps as honestly as I could but He had to work with me as well. Then a funny thing happened. I did my 4th Step as thoroughly and as honestly as I could and then I did my 5th Step. It took two nights to do my 5th Step and I was walking back on 4th Street and I felt the exact same presence that I felt when I got baptized, I felt it. Something told me right then that I didn’t have to drink again. That was the miracle that changed everything.

The miracles for me are getting my family back; my daughter speaking to me, seeing my daughter graduate from high school, being able to walk her down the aisle when she got married, having her in my life today, having two beautiful grandkids. It doesn’t get much better than that.