The Healing Place

Thank You Texas Roadhouse!

Thank You Texas Roadhouse!

The Healing Place couldn’t do what it does every day without support from the community. 80% of our funding comes from private donations. This includes individuals like you as well as businesses, corporations, and foundations.

When Texas Roadhouse opened its new restaurant in Middletown earlier this month, it selected The Healing Place as selected as the charitable recipient of its soft opening. The Middletown location opened to the public April 6th, but the Friday and Saturday prior it was open to employees’ friends and family members so the employees could practice serving a full restaurant. The meals were free -- with all tips and alcohol proceeds going to The Healing Place. 

In two nights, Texas Roadhouse raised a staggering $8,712 to help men and women struggling with addiction. Because we are able to help one man or one woman recover from addiction for $25 a day, able to aid in the recovery of one man or one woman for $25 a day, that incredible donation will fund a full day of operations on the men’s campus, as well as help us help 98 clients on the women’s campus!

We want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone at the Middletown Texas Roadhouse for your overwhelming support of The Healing Place.