The Healing Place

The Healing Place Model

The Healing Place Model

The Healing Place social model recovery program for alcoholics and addicts is a long-term six to nine month residential program that is provided at no cost to the client. The model is based on the philosophy of HOPE, HELP, and HEALING.

As in the beginning years of Alcoholics Anonymous with one alcoholic helping another, the HOPE at The Healing Place comes from a man or woman further along in the recovery process acting as a role model for the one struggling to decide if change is possible. The HELP comes from the role model who gratefully gives the struggling person a hand up rather than a hand out and shares their experience, strength, and hope on how they were able to change. The HEALING part of the model is focused on healing the whole body.

Alcoholism and addiction is a biological, sociological, psychological, and spiritual disease and the model The Healing Place has developed addresses each of these areas using the principles of a 12 Step program of mutual-help rather than self-help.

There are three critical key components of the social model recovery program developed by The Healing Place -- Peer Mentor role modeling, community accountability, and a core curriculum using the principles of a 12 Step program.

Peer Mentor role modeling is provided by men and women who have completed the program and have a strong desire to give back what was so freely given to them to allow them to recover. These Peer Mentors share their experience, strength, and HOPE while role modeling recovery behavior. The Peer Mentors are the attraction for those who have given up hope that change is possible. They become willing to try one more time to change because they see changes in someone just like themselves and they want that change.

HELP comes from community accountability during a one hour community meeting of all the men or women in the recovery program. This meeting occurs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. During the meeting each week the men or woman hold each other accountable for inappropriate behaviors and suggest strength-based suggestions on how to change that behavior. Because the men or women are together 24 hours a day/7 days a week, there are no secrets and all behavior is observed by someone; as a result change happens. Old behaviors are changed and new people, places, and things are found.

HEALING comes from the men and women completing a 12 Step curriculum with written assignments that guide the men and women through a change process that, over a six to nine month period, provides an opportunity for a spiritual awakening. Men and women become equipped with the tools to remain clean and sober when a life crisis occurs by using their home group, support group, and sponsor.

The Healing Place social model recovery program has successfully helped thousands of men and women become the best fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, employees, students, and volunteers as they give back. The Healing Place Alumni become role models for the community and are proof that HOPE is possible and that change can happen.