The Healing Place

The Story of Jay and Karyn

The Story of Jay and Karyn

Last August, The Healing Place celebrated its 25th Anniversary and when you think about it, that is really a major milestone. For an organization with very humble beginnings and a big dream, it’s incredible to look back at the accomplishments. My personal journey to and through The Healing Place has been interesting at the least!

I first met Jay Davidson in 1998 at River City Corrections, Lifeline Recovery Program. I was interviewing counselors to work in a new recovery program in the local jail. A team of three staff members were interviewing a number of candidates for the positions and Jay Davidson was one of those candidates. To make a long story short, we decided not to hire Jay at that time; we didn’t feel that he had enough experience to work with the jail population that would be in this program! So as a result of being turned down for the jail position, he accepted a position with Father John Morgan as the shelter director for what was then Mission House. The rest is Healing Place history! So I take full credit for Jay being at The Healing Place, not for what he’s done since but just for his being here. Had we hired him at River City, would The Healing Place have ever been born? Clearly that was God intervening in the process.

I have heard it said that things come full circle; that is very true in my life. A couple of years after meeting Jay for the jail interview, we met again to talk about my taking a position at The Healing Place which I eventually did. I’m quite sure that they were times in the hallway when I would hear Jay saying “Na, na, na, na, na. Now I’m your boss!!” but clearly, a relationship was born in 1998 and has just continued to grow over the years. Jay continues to be a model and mentor for all of us and his reach has gone way beyond The Healing Place of Louisville.

The Healing Place is rich is history, culture and tradition. I would go so far as to say that the culture is so entrenched in the organization that it is unshakable and that’s what makes The Healing Place different and successful. The culture of integrity, unselfishness and humility (all Jay Davidson qualities, by the way) are the things that keep The Healing Place focused on the client and bringing hope to those who still suffer.

We never really know where our journey is going to take us. I hear this phrase in the hallways of The Healing Place nearly every day – “To Thine Own Self Be True.” Those are very powerful words when you stop and reflect on them for a minute. In the case of The Healing Place, being true has meant always keeping the focus on empowering folks to do the next right thing. Time after time, year after year, it is proven to be the best path for recovery. We are certainly not always perfect and not always right, but trusting the process leads us to success.