The Healing Place

The Turning Point

The Turning Point

turning point
1. a moment when the course of events is changed– as in: the turning point of her life…
2. a point at which there is a change in direction or motion
3.(Mathematics) a stationary point at which the first derivative of a function changes sign, so that typically its graph does not cross a horizontal tangent
4. (Mathematics & Measurements/Surveying) a point to which a foresight and a back sight are taken in levelling; change point

Let’s for a moment stick with that definition of surveying, which is the measurement of landscapes, the study or practice of measuring altitudes, angles, and distances on the land surface so that they can be accurately plotted on a map and apply that to our own lives.

So in our own experiences, we are indeed surveying – taking a foresight and a back sight – and all we are doing is attempting to find a level ground, a base point, a starting point at which to mark and turn a foundation.

How do we get there? How did I get there?

What was my base line? It had to be getting clean and sober, but before I could do that I had to figure out where I was. Is that not the essence of the fourth and fifth steps?

How messed up was my stuff?

If there was map, I couldn’t find it both hands; if did find it, I was all over it – emotionally, spiritually, spent, and broke. I had no base line, no foundation, no foresight because I was unable to look back, take that back sight, and figure out how I got there, why and, eventually, what was wrong with me. The only way to find that out was to take probably the best action in my life – to sit still.