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Thoughts for the New Year

Thoughts for the New Year

You might find this hard to believe, but when was in 6th grade I had a problem keeping quiet in class.

My need to share “real good” landed me a desk in the cloak closet for a time, spending my days “studying” between the coats and sweaters and lunch boxes and lunch bags – and eventually earned me a week sitting outside the principal’s office.

I wasn’t a bad kid, I just had a lot to say – whether it was time to say it or not. I also had a natural curiosity for all kinds of things, so I guess those factors led me to nearly three decades in the news business, where I could go places and see things that others couldn’t, and tell people about it.

Over the years, the stories that intrigued me most were those of redemption. Of people overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds over situations, circumstances, disadvantages – stories of the underdog, stories of those who faced crises and prevailed, stories of those who came back from the brink.

So it is so gratifying for me today to witness first hand those in this place, in our rooms, doing just that – buying into a program that can change their lives, knowing that each day brings us a clean slate, a blank canvas, a new start.

I am reminded of that each new year, when so many people make resolutions to do so many things, join that gym…for a week, eat healthier… until that Big Mac calls, stop gossiping… until some real juicy stuff comes our way.

For many of us, we’re so fortunate. Our resolutions are daily – as is our “reprieve” to begin not each year, but each day anew.

May we continue to write our own individual “comeback” stories… make them page-turners, must-reads, and help others do the same.

Happy New Year everyone.