The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


I originally came to The Healing Place on January 7, 2002, went all the way through the program and relapsed in August. The following May, I relapsed again. Coming back the last time, there are so many little things that took place. On my first night in detox, someone said “Tony, I know that you’ve figured out that you can’t live and survive out there and now you’re going to begin to think that this doesn’t work for you.” Being able to connect with him gave me a lot of hope. A pretty short time after that I thought “Okay God, I’m not leaving this property until You say it’s time for me to go and I believe that You will let me know.” I’d been going through the Steps with my sponsor and when I got to the 9th Step, I became assistant staff. I believe that it was God. After finishing the program, I came back here to teach classes. I didn’t know it until I was in the middle of it, but it was an opportunity to make indirect amends, to participate and share in the solution by teaching classes and volunteering, to make up for some of the harm that I caused in the past.

The structure and the accountability and the fellowship that makes The Healing Place what it is. It’s those simple principles that Jay Davidson always talks and how it’s about the little things that trip us up, but it’s also the little things that give you the most meaning.