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Trends in Men's Detox

Trends in Men's Detox

We’ve heard a lot in the media about the heroin epidemic is in Kentucky and in Louisville, but this isn’t news to us here at The Healing Place. The heroin problem is something we see every day; we’ve seen it for quite a while.

I’m writing this post on May 12th and in the first 12 days of this month, 116 clients have been admitted into the detox facility on the men’s campus in Louisville; 63 are using heroin as their primary drug, which is 54% of the clients we’ve seen so far this month. I say primary drug because in reality, most addicts in this day and age are poly-pharmacy users, using a combination of substances to achieve that high. When you’re dependent on any substance, you’ll do whatever you have to do to get it; the addiction and the obsession are that strong. Because of the extent of the addiction, many addicts keep using until there is nowhere else to go. This could be jail, facilities like The Healing Place, or many times death.

It’s not getting any better out there on the streets. It’s hard to try and kick the addiction and stay clean while not having the proper tools to do so. I too was lost in the lifestyle of addiction. It didn’t matter what I had to do to get another fix nor did it matter who I had to hurt. I am here to tell you life is a lot better on this side of the street. Because of The Healing Place introducing me to a new way of life, I am able to hold myself accountable and continue to do the next right thing for almost four years now. It is a true blessing to be where I am at in life inside and outside of The Healing Place. 

It is becoming easier and easier to get heroin. Prices are cheaper and product is being cut with who knows what. Not only do people not know what they are getting, but they don’t care. Four years ago when I was caught in the grips of addiction, it took a little work to get heroin and it was a little more expensive. I’m definitely not reminiscing, I’m saying is in the 3 ½ years I have been sober I have seen a complete 180 degree change in the lifestyle. Not only is it getting worse, but people are dying left and right. I know this from experience. Since November 9, 2011 when I got sober, 22 guys that I knew personally took their last breath due to the disease of alcoholism and addiction. What makes it hard for me is all 22 guys were in the solution but choose to go a different way. They carry the message in a strong and profound way, with depth and weight. All we can do is use these guys as an example of what the end result can be if we don’t surrender and become open-minded to a new design for living.