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What to Expect: Women's Detox

What to Expect: Women's Detox

As the current Detox Supervisor at The Healing Place Women’s Campus, it is my pleasure to describe the experience of our detox unit. I have been supervising the unit for over a year, but my journey involves detox in much more than as just an employee. Like so many other women, my path to recovery began at The Healing Place in detox; I am a very proud alumna.

Before coming to The Healing Place, I bounced around different correctional institutions for more than a year. As soon as I walked through the doors at The Healing Place I felt as though I could finally breathe. I finally felt safe. After years of heartache due to my alcoholism and addiction, I had finally found a place of solace. I was greeted by women who were in recovery. The staff had been clients and that understanding and empathy cannot be surpassed. This is a culture that I am very proud of and a culture which still exists.

The experience for any woman that comes through our detox is structured and nurturing. Detox clients are treated as the most important people in The Healing Place. They are provided with a shower, clean clothes, and the women in the long-term residential recovery program make sure the kitchen is always stocked. During most days there will be someone in detox who is called a 12 Stepper. A 12 Stepper is a client who has just completed the long-term program. These women come back to detox and help the new detox client. They often encourage and share their experience with the women seeking help. This is an amazing and unique feature of our detox.

All clients are permitted to rest for the first 24 hours. After the initial first day, clients are strongly suggested to attend all classes and meetings that are held at The Healing Place. This is a chance for clients to be introduced to recovery. The classes that they attend are full of women who are in the program and alumni who have multiple years of sobriety. Detox clients have a glimmer of hope that recovery is possible through seeing people who have sobriety. It is a powerful experience to see people who have been in the same shoes find a new way of life. We like to call it “a shot of hope.”

Some clients suffer severe detox symptoms and the staff is trained to monitor all clients. This monitoring includes blood pressure, pulse, and assessing how the client feels physically. Also, staff members on every shift are certified in CPR. Staff is also trained to call EMS when medical situations arise and to reach out to the Crisis Intervention Team hotline if need be. Our goal in detox is to always look out for the safety of our clients.

Detox usually lasts five to ten days. After detox, a person is faced with a decision; they have the chance to pre-screen for the long-term recovery program or they can choose to continue their journey elsewhere. If the client does decide to leave The Healing Place, we provide them with a list of sober living and halfway houses, and help them in any way that we can. We also encourage these women to come back if they need to. We hold strong to the fact that our detox can be used as much a person needs it. We know that a person never knows when “this time” will be the time they decide that they need a change in their life. For the women who decide to stay for our long-term program, we have the pleasure of watching them grow and become productive members of society. Months down the road, we are always delighted to watch them return to detox as a 12 Stepper. They transform into the women that they have always wanted to be.

Detox is truly an amazing experience at The Healing Place. Detox was an invaluable piece of my path to recovery. It truly helped save my life.

If you or someone you know want to start a brand new way of life, our doors are open 24 hours a day. The direct line to women’s detox at The Healing Place is 502-568-6680.