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About us

The Healing Place truly is where hope is found. Every day, we provide food, shelter, clothing, and our nationally-recognized recovery program to 600 men and women at no cost to the client. All a person has to have is a desire to get sober. We want there to be no barriers to recovery.

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Whether you need a place to sober up or a program to recover, The Healing Place is open to men and women of all backgrounds. Our campuses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

new men’s campus

Construction is underway on our new $29 million Men’s Campus, which will allow us to double the size of our detox and add nearly 200 beds to our long-term recovery program. Every month, we turn away an average of 300 men seeking help simply because we don’t have the space.


The four stages

How it works

Now a nationally-recognized recovery program for men and women, The Healing Place was founded in 1989 as a homeless shelter and medical clinic for men. Every day we provide food, clothing, and shelter at no cost to more than 600 clients seeking help for their addictions. Click Here to Read More…


Clients receive a warm bed and food as they detox from drugs and/or alcohol. Our detox is a non-medical detox.

motivational track

The motivational track is the initial stage of our long-term recovery program. Clients work with peers and learn the core principles of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

recovery stage

The recovery stage is where clients learn how to apply the 12 Steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous in their lives with program curriculum.

Continuing Care

Clients who complete The Healing Place program receive support in their recovery and better preparation for returning to life outside The Healing Place. Transitional living is available.

Community impact

Recovery Center Outcome Study Fact Sheet - JANUARY 2017


of clients reported any illegal drug use at intake


of clients reported any illegal drug use at follow-up


of clients reported any heroin use at intake


of clients reported any heroin use at follow-up


of clients reported any alcohol use at intake


of clients reported any alcohol use at follow-up


of clients reported being homeless at intake


of clients reported being homeless at follow-up

a story of success


Since I’ve been in recovery I have witnessed many things I never believed possible, but the most miraculous thing...

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