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Addiction and the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Shannon Gray, Program Manager

“Trust the process” is the most commonly used phrase at The Healing Place. The phrase is powerful and not always easy to do. If done daily, one will learn how to face the greatest enemy he or she will ever face, themselves. When the first confirmed case of COVID-19 became known on January 20th, little […]

The Heart of Our Program

The peer mentor program is the heart of The Healing Place. The men and women who choose to become a peer mentor after completing our long-term recovery program serve as role models for those who are newer in the program. Peer Mentors teach classes, monitor program progress, coordinate job assignments, and work one-on-one with individuals […]

But There Exists Among Us a Fellowship…

We are average Americans. All sections of this country and many of its occupations are represented, as well as many political, economic, social, and religious backgrounds. We are a people who normally would not mix.  But there exists among us a fellowship, a friendliness, and an understanding which is indescribably wonderful.          […]

Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Updated March 26, 2020 As we continue taking enhanced precautions to prevent the spread of illness on our campuses, we could use your help in obtaining some much-needed items to cleanse and sanitize our facilities. Needed Items Shop towels Rags Disinfectant Medical-grade sanitizer Hand sanitizer If you can donate any of these items, please bring […]

Court-Ordered Treatment

Looking to get your loved one help for substance abuse? Although the Healing Place is a six to nine-month voluntary inpatient program, we are open to those who are being ordered to our recovery program via the court system. When someone is court ordered to The Healing Place, we will screen them to see if […]

Remembering Dr. Robert Couch

By: Karyn Hascal, President

Today, we are mourning the loss of Dr. Robert Couch. Dr. Couch was the Volunteer Administration Medical Director of The Healing Place and a member of the Board of Directors. He passed away November 19th due to complications from pneumonia. He was 62 years old. He had been in the role of Administrative Medical Director […]

Seeking Help Via Casey’s Law

Looking to get your loved one help for substance abuse? Did you know that in Kentucky, there is a law in place that will allow you to petition the courts to get someone involuntarily into treatment? It’s called Casey’s Law. Casey’s Law is named after Matthew Casey Wethington, who died of a heroin overdose in […]

Support for Families

By: Shannon Gray, Program Manager

We know that the family is an important part of a client’s recovery. That’s why every month we host a Family Day at our campuses. Family Day alternates every month between the men’s campus and women’s campus in Louisville and happens every month at our campus in Campbellsville. Each Family Day, our staff educates the […]

Getting Back to the Basics of Recovery Treatment

By: Heather Gibson, Vice President of Program Services

The Healing Place believes that recovery is possible for all individuals affected by addiction, whether that be the individual, their family, or the community. We also believe that everyone affected by addiction should have access to and be fully informed of the appropriate level of care with the proper intensity and duration followed by connection […]

The Miracle on Market

By: Jay Davidson, Executive Chairman

The Healing Place is celebrating something truly special this year – our 30th anniversary. It was 30 years ago, on August 19, 1989, that 13 Louisville doctors and five community leaders took a bold and courageous step by committing to take ownership and operation of an overnight shelter for men previously operated by Father John […]