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You Can Bet on Us

By: Linda Doane, Lifestyle Program Director

Spring has arrived. The dogwoods are blooming and many of the barns at Churchill Downs have been freshly painted. Vans are arriving with hundreds of horses. Many stable employees ride with the horses returning to Churchill from their winter training areas. The horses are unloaded from the vans and taken to their stalls. Everyone works […]

The Gift of Recovery – Maurice

By: Maurice Ludwick, Brady Program Director

When I was early in recovery, I was asked what recovery means to me. At the time it meant for me to be free of drugs and alcohol but later, it started to mean reaching a level of confidence that I’d previously had in life. That’s when I realized that I was turning into someone […]

The Gift of Recovery – Alaina

By: Alaina Combs, Women's Program Manager

The definition of the word recovery is to return to a normal state of health, mind or strength. For me, that word means so much more. Recovery is a gift! On the day I walked into The Healing Place I finally had a chance to be restored in all these areas. As a person in […]

The Gift of Recovery – Michael

By: Michael Burba, Recovery Louisville Client Services Coordinator

I knew that I had a problem with alcohol and drugs starting in college. I was drinking almost every night and taking pain pills to feel better. I would wake up in the morning and would have to get a fix before I could even make it to school. This was not how I wanted […]

Helping Kentucky’s Homeless Veterans

By: Heather Gibson, Director of Program Services

Addiction and homelessness are serious issues facing America’s veteran population. According to the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, 11% of the state’s homeless population have served in one of the nation’s military branches and 70% of Kentucky’s homeless vets have substance abuse issues. Earlier this year, the Veterans Administration approached us about providing services to […]

Meth on the Rise… Again

Any time addiction is in the news, it is likely a story about heroin, fentanyl, or some other opiate. Communities across Louisville, Kentucky, and the nation are dealing with an epidemic – but it’s not a heroin epidemic. It’s an addiction epidemic. National Public Radio recently published a story about how methamphetamine use is now […]

Treating the Addiction, Not the Drug

By: Heather Gibson, Director of Program Services

Working in recovery is difficult to say the least. The work is difficult, relationships are difficult, and there are never enough resources. We find our community focusing on specific drugs as opposed to addiction which leads us to treatment philosophies and pharmacological interventions that don’t treat all the negative behaviors surrounding this disease. We have […]

How You Make a Difference

By: Laci Comer, Communications Specialist

The excitement is building across Metro Louisville. This year’s Give for Good Louisville hosted by the Community Foundation of Louisville is almost here! Last year, $4.6 million dollars was raised for more than 500 nonprofits across Louisville and Southern Indiana. The Healing Place received an amazing $35,000 of that! Over the past three years, our […]

Overdose Deaths Increase in Kentucky

By: Karyn Hascal, President

The Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy recently released its 2017 Overdose Fatality Report. The report is stunning. While we all hear of overdose deaths and sometimes even know folks who have lost their lives as the result of an overdose, to see the numbers is staggering. We lost nearly a thousand people between the […]

A Mission of Hope

By: Maurice Ludwick, Brady Center Director

In ancient Greece, there was a mythical king named Theseus. He was the founder of Athens and known throughout the world for his heroic deeds. During his reign, Theseus commissioned to have a ship built that would travel the world, acquire goods, and bring them back to its home port. This was not just any […]