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Races, Roses, and Recovery

By: Keith Farah, Transitional Care Manager

As a person who has lived most of his life in what most would consider a mecca of horse racing, it seems paradoxical that I have never had much interest in spending a day at the track or making an “educated” bet on which thoroughbred would outrun the pack. That being said, my alcoholism developed […]

Replicating The Healing Place Model

By: Maurice Ludwick, Director of Special Projects

Many people view The Healing Place as a safety net for the community that helps those who are struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. When every other option has been exhausted, The Healing Place is still there to help them back up. We are very excited to bring that level of compassion to a […]

Outpatient Services

By: Debby Jones, Director of Outpatient Services

The Healing Place is known for its long-term residential recovery program and we have taken its success and created Recovery Louisville, an intensive outpatient program that also provides sober housing. Recovery Louisville provides services to individuals who have been referred directly from The Healing Place, or an outside referral source. Clients do not have to […]

Detox Loved Me to Life

By: Rosalind Jones, Alumni

I am Rosalind, an alcoholic. My sober date is December 29, 2010. I am an alumni of The Healing Place in good standing. I am writing this to say how grateful I am to The Healing Place for opening its doors to me. Thank you to the staff in the detox for receiving me with […]

Meaningful and Worth Doing

By: Jackie Brown, Men's Detox Monitor

The detox units at The Healing Place provide a safe place for those in our community who are addicted and need help in coming off of drugs and/or alcohol. For some, it is quite simply that – a safe environment in which to stabilize. For many others, including myself, our detox can be the new […]

Taking That First Step

By: Courtney Weisshaupt, Detox Manager

Detox is the first step a person takes when coming to The Healing Place. When someone wants to access detox services at the Men’s Campus or the Women’s Campus, all they have to do is walk through the front door. When a potential client comes into detox, they are greeted by a staff member who […]

A Safe Place to Stay

By: Stephanie Webb, Women's Overnight Monitor

The Healing Place is the house that built me. Having the opportunity to be a staff member in the same house where I was able to get sober has truly become one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I am a monitor in the detox and overnight units at the women’s campus. I spend […]

Overnight Shelter

By: Courtney Weisshaupt, Detox Manager and Blake Harlamert, Men's Detox/Overnight Supervisor

The Healing Place’s overnight shelter is special. It’s how we got our start and will always be an important part of our facilities. Right now, The Healing Place provides 24 beds to men and 24 beds to women in our community who are experiencing short-term or permanent homelessness. We are a low-barrier shelter, meaning we […]

Trust the Process

By: Doug Scott, Vice President of Mission Advancement

Over the past year, I have had the privilege to study the critical elements of The Healing Place recovery program with our Executive Chairman, Jay Davidson. There are 27 ‘absolutes’ that form the foundation of our 31 years of success in providing recovery to those who struggle with addiction. There are several connecting principles among […]

Addiction and Resilience in a Global Pandemic

By: Nick Wilson, Men's Detox Monitor

January 8, 2021. This day felt like the cusp of another turning point in my life. I was administered the COVID-19 vaccine after almost a year of complete chaos, social unrest, and uncertainty. Shortly after, in my car, gazing out at all the white tents, face masks, and people distancing themselves from one another, I […]

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