The Healing Place

86 Addiction Participating Restaurants

On Wednesday, July 18th, participating restaurants will donate 10% of their proceeds to The Healing Place to help men and women struggling with addiction. There will be options for every meal and every budget. Keep checking back to see which restaurants are added to the list! Click here for the Facebook event.

Participating Restaurants

Anoosh Bistro – 4846 Brownsboro Center, Louisville (Dinner)
Beef O’Brady’s – 11324 Preston Hwy., Hillview (Lunch, Dinner)
Brasserie Provence – 150 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Bristol Bar and Grille – 614 W. Main St., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Butchertown Pizza Hall – 1301 Story Ave., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Check’s Cafe – 1101 E. Burnett Ave., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Come Back Inn – 909 Swan St., Louisville (Dinner)
Dairy Del – 1516 S. Shelby St., Louisville (Specialty)
Derby City Pizza – 10619 Manslick Rd., Fairdale (Lunch, Dinner)
Derby City Pizza – 2500 Crittenden Dr., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Derby City Pizza – 587 N. Bardstown Rd., Mt. Washington (Lunch, Dinner)
Derby City Pizza – 5603 Greenwood Rd., PRP (Lunch, Dinner)
DiOrio’s Pizza and Pub – 919 Baxter Ave., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
DiOrio’s Pizza and Pub – 310 Wallace Ave., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Dish on Market – 434 W. Market St., Louisville (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Dundee Tavern – 2224 Dundee Rd., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Game – 2295 Lexington Rd., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
HM Franks, an O’Shea’s Pub – 355 Spring St., Jeffersonville  (Lunch, Dinner)
Harvest Restaurant – 624 E. Market St., Louisville (Dinner)
Highland Morning – 1416 Bardstown Rd., Louisville (Breakfast, Lunch)
Hillview Family Diner – 1679 Old Preston Hwy. N., Louisville (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Joella’s Hot Chicken – 3400 Frankfort Ave., St. Matthews (Lunch, Dinner)
Joella’s Hot Chicken – 13401 Shelbyville Rd., Middletown (Lunch, Dinner)
Joella’s Hot Chicken – 101 Cochran Rd., Lexington  (Lunch, Dinner)
La Chasse – 1359 Bardstown Rd., Louisville (Dinner)
Lydia House – 1101 Lydia St., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Manhattan Grill – 429 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd., Suite 100, Louisville (Breakfast, Lunch)
Marketplace at Theater Square – 651 S. 4th St., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Molly Malone’s Highlands – 933 Baxter Ave., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Molly Malone’s St. Matthews – 3900 Shelbyville Rd., St. Matthews (Lunch, Dinner)
Noosh Nosh – 4816 Brownsboro Center, Louisville (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
O’Shea’s – 956 Baxter Ave., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Pat’s Steak House – 2437 Brownsboro Rd., Louisville (Dinner)
Patrick O’Shea’s – 123 W. Main St., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Proof on Main – 702 W. Main St., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Red Hot Roasters – 1007 E. Main St., Louisville (Coffee Shop)
Red Hot Roasters – 1399 Lexington Rd., Louisville (Coffee Shop)
Silvio’s – 104 Fairfax Ave., St. Matthews (Dinner)
The Cafe – 712 Brent St., Louisville (Breakfast, Lunch)
The Joy Luck – 1285 Bardstown Rd., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
The Joy Luck – 9850 Von Allmen Ct. #101, Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
The Red Pepper – 902 W. Main St., Madison, IN (Lunch, Dinner)
Spinelli’s Pizzeria – 614 Baxter Ave. (Lunch, Dinner)
Uptown Cafe – 1624 Bardstown Rd., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Volare – 2300 Frankfort Ave., Louisville (Dinner)
Ward 426 – 426 Baxter Ave., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Which Wich – 221 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy., Suite 103, Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Which Wich – 9850 Von Allmen Ct. #103, Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Wick’s Hikes Point – 3348 Hikes Ln. #103, Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)
Wick’s Middletown – 12717 Shelbyville Rd., Middletown (Lunch, Dinner)
Wick’s New Albany – 225 State St., New Albany (Lunch, Dinner)
Wick’s Original Highlands – 975 Baxter Ave., Louisville (Lunch, Dinner)


Event Sponsors

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If you will not be able to take part in 86 Addiction, please consider making a donation.