Recovery Louisville - The Healing Place Recovery Louisville - The Healing Place

Recovery Louisville provides outpatient services to men and women with substance use disorders.

The Recovery Louisville team helps the client identify their recovery goals, create a plan of action, and obtain the tools needed to achieve a meaningful, productive, and sober life.

Recovery Louisville provides a therapeutic environment designed for men and women with substance abuse problems, who will benefit from structure and accountability.

Recovery Louisville understands that not everyone has the time for, or can afford, an inpatient treatment program. Many clients have job commitments, are in college, or have a family that depends on their support. The program provides a diverse staff which can help meet client needs and develop a treatment plan that will fit the client’s schedule.

Recovery Louisville is committed to maintaining a professional environment of respect, compassion, trust, honesty, opportunity, and diversity to help change lives. There are multiple components of Recovery Louisville that interact closely with each other. The philosophy of treatment recognizes the totality of the individual in his or her life situation. This includes cognitive behavior therapy, 12-Step facilitation, motivational interviewing, and support for the family.

Recovery Louisville services are designed to facilitate time management, increase accountability and develop life skills. After the initial assessment by our licensed staff, a personalized treatment plan will be developed to meet client’s individual needs.

We at Recovery Louisville are committed to maintaining a professional environment of respect, compassion, trust, honesty, opportunity, and diversity to help change lives.  Recovery Louisville does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any activities or operations.

Contact Recovery Louisville

1017 W. Market Street
Louisville, KY 40202

What’s Offered

    • Intensive Outpatient Services
    • Non-Intensive Outpatient Services
    • Family Counseling Services
    • Detox Direct Referral Sources (medical and non-medical)
    • Vivitrol Program
    • Supportive Housing
    • Targeted Case Management
    • Educational Classes
    • Peer Support Services

Recovery Louisville Team

    • Debby Jones, Director of Outpatient Services
    • Alicia Hart-Conkin, Counselor
    • Amy Moore, Counselor
    • Dan Stephens, Counselor
    • Johnathan Tinsley, Counselor
    • Rebecca Chambers, Peer Support Specialist
    • Bill Dicks, Peer Support Specialist
    • Richard Keeper, Peer Support Specialist
    • Donald Paris, Peer Support Specialist
    • James Wright, Peer Support Specialist
    • ShaKia Williams, Office Manager
    • Ashley Barta, Intake Coordinator
    • Carrie Knott, Administrative Assistant
    • Selindh Jackson, Clinical Lab Supervisor
    • Rachelle Autry, UDS Collector
    • Darrin Lee, UDS Collector

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