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Since I’ve been in recovery, I’ve learned to live life day by day without the use of drugs. I’ve learned how to be a husband and a father. I’ve learned how to be a good employee and a productive member of society.

My drug use caused me to lose everything – my family, my friends, and everything I owned. I was lost and alone.

The Healing Place provided me with time to heal and taught me how to live again. While at The Healing Place, I learned balance and structure. I was gifted with sobriety and the true bonds of friendship. I am grateful for The Healing Place.


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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have discovered a new and improved me. I learn more about myself every day.

After years of self-destruction, I finally hit my bottom in 2014. Sitting in a psychiatric ward after a failed attempt at taking my own life, I no longer recognized the person I had become. I was lost and completely broken.

While at the hospital, I had to attend a mandatory AA meeting. Two men from The Healing Place came to share their story. It was like they were telling my story. The more they spoke, the less alone I felt. All my drug use was done in secret, but something came over me that night to share some of my demons with these strangers. Two days later I was at The Healing Place with just enough hope to walk through the doors.

The Healing Place changed my life. While at The Healing Place, I learned what it means to really live. I learned how to stop being a victim and to take accountability for my life and my actions. I learned patience, love and tolerance. I am a spiritual person today. Most importantly, I learned what self-worth is. I walk with my head held high, no longer ashamed of my mistakes. My past, and all my experiences – good and bad – make me who I am. I will forever be in debt to the staff and clients of The Healing Place.


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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have peace of mind that allows me to go to sleep with a clear mind and wake up happy. I don’t have to keep up with all my lies. My momma doesn’t lose sleep over me.

The Healing Place, as they say, was the last house on the block for me. I had nowhere else to go or anyone to turn to. I had burned every bridge and hurt everyone that cared about me. I wanted help. The Healing Place loved me until I learned to love myself. They showed me life could be good and I could be happy. I now work full-time for The Healing Place’s campus in Campbellsville, I have healthy relationships, and I am trustworthy today. I am eternally grateful for The Healing Place. The Healing Place saved my life!


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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have found a new way to live. I have learned that drugs and alcohol were only a symptom of my actual problem. It was the way I was seeing the world that was keeping me sick. Practicing spiritual principles has become invaluable to me. Honesty, open mindedness, and willingness are essential to my new way of life. These principles have allowed me to see the world in a whole new light with a serenity that before recovery, I could never have dreamed of. I now believe that the main thing that will keep me from the truth, is to think that I already have it!

I struggled with an opioid addiction for many years. It started with prescription painkillers that I slowly began to abuse but as my addiction progressed, I moved to street drugs. I tried every way that I knew to overcome my problems, to no avail. Through concerned friends and family I heard about The Healing Place. When I had finally been “beat into a state of reasonableness” I made the decision to seek help.

The Healing Place saved me from myself. It introduced me to Alcoholics Anonymous for my drug and alcohol addiction, as well as a safe, loving, and structured environment to help me with self-discipline and everyday living responsibilities that had fallen by the wayside during the years of my active addiction. For me, those things in tandem were pivotal in my recovery process. Showing up at The Healing Place was the best decision I have ever made.


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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have grown up. I was 26 when I came to The Healing Place and I didn’t have a lot of life skills. I wasn’t employable, teachable, or responsible. Before The Healing Place I had flashes of these attributes but it wasn’t something that I based my life on.

I came to The Healing Place when I had nowhere else to go. I lived in Virginia so I was 500 miles away from home and everything I had was in a half of a duffle bag. I didn’t know where my next meal or bed was going to come from. I had been living on the streets for two weeks. The Healing Place was truly the last house on the block.

The Healing Place taught me a new way to live and made me the man I am today. I’m now able to be a son, grandson, employee, friend, and coworker. I have also been blessed to become a father. My daughter doesn’t ever have to know the man I was before I came to The Healing Place.


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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have been able to grow into the woman that I was always intended to be. I am able to continue with my recovery while furthering my education, staying on track with my career, and bringing value to my community. The most important thing I have accomplished since beginning my journey into long-term recovery is that I am now a mother to my two daughters. I am present and consistent in their lives and in the lives of my family.

The Department of Corrections brought me to The Healing Place’s Women’s Campus in 2012. I couldn’t stay out of jail and even landing behind bars began to be a relief at times. I remember exactly how I felt the day I walked in the door at 15th and Hill. I was in tears because I knew, good or bad, that my life was never going to be the same… and it wasn’t.

I believe that The Healing Place gives everyone who comes into this program their own individual gifts. The greatest gift I received was my integrity. I never knew what that word really meant until my time at The Healing Place. I am able to be honest and stand for what I believe is right or good in the world without bending or breaking to please others. I get to walk in the sunlight of the spirit and be a reflection of that light so that others may find their way too.


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Since I’ve been in recovery I have witnessed many things I never believed possible, but the most miraculous thing I have experienced is true peace within myself. I stopped fighting and the war with my own thoughts has come to an end.

Desperation, exhaustion, escape, fear, God, and I am still not entirely sure brought me to The Healing Place at 10th and Market in January 2014. My drinking career started at 11, but my alcoholism started way before that. Raised by a loving family with good morals and ethics, I was taught that if you want anything in life you have to earn it, and that if you are ever in the position to help someone, do it. With the guidance of my parents and the gifts I was given from God I found there was not much I couldn’t do. Then I discovered alcohol. I spent the next 29 years trying to make myself feel as good as I did when I first started drinking and abusing drugs. This lead to high school expulsions, jails, prisons, treatment centers, therapists, and sticking a needle in my arm many times a day while drowning my problems with a half-gallon of cheap vodka then easing it off with some Xanax. I had ruined everything I love and put my family through hell. I destroyed everything I ever believed in and did not know why. I woke up every day and ended everyday asking God to end it. During one of my many self-detoxes, my mom came in and said that she spoke to someone on Facebook who said that I should look into a place in Louisville called The Healing Place. After another failed attempt by myself, I found my way there. While I was sitting in detox, I knew there was something special about this place. I felt like I was going to be okay.

Besides saving my life, The Healing Place gave me a place to sit still and listen. I learned what was wrong with me and how to work on me. I was introduced to a 12-Step program that, if worked honestly, can teach you more than I can ever explain. I now have a driver’s license after being told for 20 years that I would never get it back. I am a full-time college student after being expelled from two high schools 20 plus years ago. After being diagnosed with Hepatitis C 12 years ago, I no longer have any signs of it in my body. I have a job that I have never been late for in three years. My family no longer loses sleep because of me. They are no longer being dragged through hell because I no longer live there.

The most precious gift I have been given since coming to The Healing Place is the gift of serenity and the gift of true peace within myself. I wake up every morning and thank God for my life instead of asking Him to take it away.

I am no longer ashamed of who I am.


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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have found a new way of life. I struggled with addiction for more than 22 years and was never able to successfully stay sober. The consequences kept getting worse until I had no choice but get help. I was sent to The Healing Place by the Department of Corrections. It may have been their choice to send me to The Healing Place, but I believe it was God doing for me what I could not do for myself.

I am from Cincinnati and I never thought I would be grateful to be sent to a homeless shelter in Louisville to work on myself. Louisville is now my home. While I was in the program, I began working in the kitchen. This completely changed my life. This job gave me gratitude, a work ethic, and a sense of purpose. I was helping people smile who had little or nothing. I was feeding their souls, which helped me on my journey to sobriety.

I wreaked havoc for so long, taking advantage of whatever and whoever I could. Now I can contribute to my community and give back to those finding themselves on the path to sobriety. The Healing Place saved my life and allowed me to become the person I was meant to be.


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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have grown closer with my higher power whom I choose to call God. I have also been a real shot of hope to my friends and family members who are now in recovery.

My decision-making process brought me to The Healing Place. I wanted to live a sober life, but I was unable to because I was stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction. The guilt, shame, and remorse was too much for me to bear alone and I reached out of my comfort zone by asking for help. That help came from two nurses. Instead of the hospital just releasing me, the nurses suggested they help me by providing me with transportation to The Healing Place. They knew that if they just let me go, I would end up going right to the liquor store.

The Healing Place provided me with a safe place and gave me time to reflect on that whatever I was doing in the past wasn’t keeping me sober. In the nine and a half months I was in the program, I learned that I suffer from a disease called Alcoholism and I was told that I cannot drink like normal people. I realized that when I take a drink, something happens. It sets off a series of down-hill events that usually end with me. The Healing Place brought me closer to God and I am now in a position to help other alcoholics and addicts.


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Since I’ve been in recovery, I am getting to know myself all over again. I go to meetings, stay connected to my support group, and work regularly with my sponsor. I now have a full-time job and recently got my own apartment.

When I came to The Healing Place, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I could see my life happening but I couldn’t feel a thing. I was lost and had absolutely no hope for tomorrow. I was told that The Healing Place’s peer-driven social model works miracles. I had tried every other option out there and wasn’t having any success. I was broken in mind, body, and spirit so I checked into detox and admitted complete defeat.

The Healing Place changed my perception, gave me a new outlook on life, and showed me how to stay sober a day at a time. I got to sit still and really look at the destruction and unmanageability in my life. I learned that I have a disease that is treatable but has no cure. I am accountable and take responsibility for my life today. My priorities are set and I have a design for living. I meet life’s challenges with a new character and have healthy coping mechanisms now. I want to live for the first time in my life with no regrets as to what has happened in my past. I am now living moment to moment and I can feel everything that is happening. I now feel that I am truly blessed to be alive.