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The Future of The Healing Place

By: Jay Davidson, Executive Chairman

I could not be more excited about the future of The Healing Place than I am right now. There will always be a long-term residential recovery program that uses the social, peer-driven model. The Healing Place is 32 years old and has helped thousands of men and women begin their recovery journey.

As The Healing Place has grown over the years, we had to make changes to be able to continually meet the client where they are at in their struggle to defeat addiction. The peer-driven social model is one of the strongest evidence-based recovery models in the nation. The Healing Place has consistently demonstrated overwhelming positive outcomes and thousands of success stories. The core values and the spirit of The Healing Place has never changed and it never will… even as The Healing Place changes.

The Healing Place has to change because the client today is not the same client of three, five, or 15 years ago. Our team continues to rise to the challenge of making access to recovery the number one priority for all addicts and alcoholics. The result is the implementation of several programs that best meet the needs of the client.

One of those programs is the Veterans Program. There are actually two programs within the Veterans Program – one is a low demand overnight shelter program with the goal of connecting vets to housing. The other is a clinical treatment program for veterans suffering from addiction and alcoholism.

The Healing Place has also taken the peer-driven social model and created an intensive outpatient program to reach more men and women who are struggling with addiction. It is estimated that more than 60% of today’s workforce is abusing alcohol and/or drugs. There needs to be access to recovery programs that meet this increasing demand. We know that not everyone can take six to nine months to complete our long-term recovery program, so we are reaching out to provide outpatient services to those who need it.

How do these challenges impact and influence The Healing Place and the services it provides? I’ll tell you. Maintaining the core values of the long-term residential peer-driven social model program while expanding multiple services to meet the needs of the client today will allow The Healing Place to be the major role model of successful recovery in the nation. So, have faith that The Healing Place will stay true to its values and spirit while continuing to meet the needs of the alcoholics and addicts of today.

The programs may evolve and change, but our commitment to helping people get sober never will.

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  1. Jack Steiner Jr says:

    THP taught me humility and gratitude. I would not be here now without The Healing Place. I must now share what was and is so freely given to me.

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