Why I'm Involved with the Healthcare Classic 5K - The Healing Place Why I'm Involved with the Healthcare Classic 5K - The Healing Place

Why I’m Involved with the Healthcare Classic 5K

By: Nick Knear-Bell, UofL Medical Student

My name is Nick Knear-Bell and I am a 2nd year medical student at the University of Louisville. My typical day starts at 8am and ends around 10pm with my nose stuck in a book, or studying somehow, most of that time. I try and carve out a few hours throughout the day to eat, get a little exercise, and read a couple of book chapters (for fun) if I can. I know from here on out this is how life will be as a physician – crunched for time. I am not alone in this lifestyle though. I have 150 colleagues going through the same struggle. One of the qualities that binds us together is a desire to help and participate in our community.

One of our mission statements is “…to excel in the education of physicians towards patient care and community service.” As future leaders of the community, we need to begin taking our roles in the community and the Healthcare Classic 5K is where I decided to start my role. This run/walk benefits The Healing Place, which I am honored to work with. Many of the students at the school of medicine are from underserved areas of Kentucky and have experienced the toll drugs and addition can take on our lives and our communities. Though I am a Louisville local, I too have experienced first hand how addiction can change our world. My grade school friend, Riley, struggled with addiction for many years before his early death. I can’t help but think if he had help from somewhere like The Healing Place his might have been a difference story.

I’m sure many of my classmates can tell similar stories, of friends or family. It’s part of what binds us together and reminds us all of our humanity. It’s easy for your doctor to say eat healthier, exercise more, etc., but we are just as afflicted by limited time and life getting in the way. Helping The Healing Place aides us in practicing what we preach – community service and selflessness. It also helps us sympathize and fight off callousness.  I am lucky to collaborate with The Healing Place to help bring our brothers and sisters back into the community. The Healing Place has many hard working, intelligent, and driven people that could really make an impact in Louisville’s community.

The reasons are many, but the bottom line is that the Healthcare Classic 5K and working with The Healing Place is important because we are all human, and as future physicians, we want to help.

The 2018 Healthcare Classic is Saturday, April 14th at The Parklands – Beckley Creek Park. Click here for more information and to register.

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