The Healing Place

Profiles of Recovery


I arrived at The Healing Place via the Department of Corrections. After abusing drugs and alcohol severely since my early teenage years, my actions had finally caught up with me. I sat in prison surrounded by concrete, wearing a badge with a number on it for an identity. I felt dehumanized, broken, hopeless, and at the lowest point of my entire life. My constant companions were my heart full of broken promises that I had made to myself, tattered pictures of my family whom I had hurt, and the consuming self-loathing that I had for myself. Some days I felt as if I just could not go on any longer. I was haunted by the person that I could have been; the mother, daughter, aunt, sister, employee, and friend… the woman I had always dreamed of being, until addiction took her away.

The Healing Place literally saved my life. I no longer lay awake at night and think of the loved ones lives that I have destroyed. I am able to hear the happiness in my children’s sweet voices. I am lucky enough to feel the love my mother has for me every time she sees me. After going through The Healing Place program, I decided to be a peer mentor. Through this experience, of helping others in recovery, a fire was ignited within. I believe I have found my purpose in life…to help others who suffer from addiction. I am currently the supervisor of detox at The Healing Place’s Women’s Campus. I am a college student who has remained on the Dean’s List since my educational journey began; most importantly I am a friend, a reliable employee, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, and I try daily to become that person that I could have been. I am eternally grateful for The Healing Place. Words cannot begin to express what my sobriety means to me. It is my pleasure every day to help women just like myself get their lives back.