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A Mission of Hope

By: Maurice Ludwick, Brady Center Director

In ancient Greece, there was a mythical king named Theseus. He was the founder of Athens and known throughout the world for his heroic deeds. During his reign, Theseus commissioned to have a ship built that would travel the world, acquire goods, and bring them back to its home port. This was not just any […]

Why I’m Involved with the Healthcare Classic 5K

By: Nick Knear-Bell, UofL Medical Student

My name is Nick Knear-Bell and I am a 2nd year medical student at the University of Louisville. My typical day starts at 8am and ends around 10pm with my nose stuck in a book, or studying somehow, most of that time. I try and carve out a few hours throughout the day to eat, […]

The Gift of Recovery

By: Doug Scott, Director of Giving

Ten years ago, my Christmas was spent in a bed at The Healing Place. I was in the phase portion of the program, grateful to have a warm bed and food and to no longer be living under a bridge. Ten years ago, The Healing Place had given me the best gift I had received […]

The Woman I Admire Most

By: Karyn Hascal, President

I was honored to be named Today’s Woman magazine’s Most Admired woman in nonprofits for 2017. At the reception recognizing all of the honorees, I was asked to talk about the woman I admire the most. As the years have gone by, my ideas about admiration have changed. So when I was asked to speak […]

Being Brave

By: Maurice Ludwick, Brady Center Director

As a child, I can remember my mother pursuing alifelong dream of becoming a school teacher. She got herself established after leaving my father and began working for a better future. She was so hopeful the day she started college. For four years, she studied hard and dedicated her time but during her last year […]


By: Maurice Ludwick, Brady Center Director

History is filled with stories of people who intended to leave their mark on the world. One of them wasAlexander the Great. He is known to most of us in modern society even though he has been dead for more than 2,000 years. He was educated by Aristotle and made emperor by the age of […]

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