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Getting Healthy in Recovery

Tonight, there are nearly 1,000 men and women in a bed at The Healing Place who are safe, sober, and beginning a new life in recovery. Because of you, they have a place to go without having to pay a dime.

They’re getting more than recovery while in our program. We have a medical clinic that provides free healthcare and medication to our clients. By making a gift today, you are helping the men and women we serve make changes that will impact their health for the rest of their lives.

Every week, volunteer doctors and nurses treat clients for allergies and illnesses as well as chronic issues like high blood pressure, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Your donations also support a women’s health clinic, vaccinations, testing for HIV and Hepatitis C, and smoking cessation classes.

Because of our clinic, our clients learn how to take responsibility for their healthcare. They learn what is truly an emergency and what can be handled with a visit to their primary care doctor. The Healing Place helps save Metro Louisville taxpayers millions of dollars every year in healthcare costs and emergency room visits. You make this possible.

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