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Taking That First Step

By: Courtney Weisshaupt, Detox Manager

Detox is the first step a person takes when coming to The Healing Place. When someone wants to access detox services at the Men’s Campus or the Women’s Campus, all they have to do is walk through the front door.

When a potential client comes into detox, they are greeted by a staff member who asks a series of prescreen questions. We want to know what substance they will be withdrawing from and make sure that they can do that safely in our non-medical detox. We also want to make sure that they have all their prescribed medications and that they do not have any upcoming appointments or commitments that would conflict with their stay in detox. We do our best to accommodate anyone who comes through our doors; however, if we determine someone is not appropriate for our services, staff make every effort to facilitate a referral to a more appropriate level of care. If we do not have any detox beds available, our staff will also help make referrals to other resources for recovery in our community.

After the prescreen is complete, we bring the client into the detox unit to complete their intake. During the intake, our staff completes a full assessment – gathering information about family history, use history, and medical history. The staff also go over what to expect while in detox, and touch on what potential plans the client might have for treatment after detox. After the intake paperwork is complete, staff lock up any valuables the client may have and then shows them to their bed area. While someone is in our detox, they have access to shower facilities, clean linens, and a stocked kitchen with meals, drinks, and snacks.

A typical stay in detox at The Healing Place is five to seven days. During the first few days in detox, clients can rest as much as they need to, without having to attend class. The primary purpose of detox is to detoxify and stabilize, and the best way to start that process is by allowing the client to rest. After clients have had a few days to stabilize, we ask that they attend all on campus classes and meetings. This is an important part of the process because it provides an opportunity for clients to start understanding their addiction and it is also an opportunity to meet other people in recovery who can act as sober supports.

I mentioned before that we are a non-medical detox, and many people wonder why that is. The Healing Place provides a non-medical detox because we believe that the best way for the brain and body to begin healing is to be completely free of anything mind or mood altering. As a social detox, we feel it is more important to provide peer support, care, and compassion to the detoxing individual rather than medications.

When someone finishes detox, they have the option of entering our long-term recovery program or the outpatient program at Recovery Louisville. Our staff are also knowledgeable about additional recovery resources in our community should that be a more fitting option for the client. We encourage each client who comes through our detox to develop a clear aftercare plan, as that is crucial for building a life in recovery.

Our detox beds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For information on intake and availability, please call 502-585-4848.

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