The Dr. Will W. Ward Free Clinic - The Healing Place The Dr. Will W. Ward Free Clinic - The Healing Place

The Dr. Will W. Ward Free Clinic

By: Tonia Heineman, Women's Health Services Coordinator; Katie Anderson, Manager of Health Services; Greg Burton, Men's Health Services Coordinator

The Healing Place began as a homeless shelter that provided medical care to those in need thanks to the kindness of Dr. Will Ward and other volunteer physicians. That care continues today.

The Will W. Ward Free Clinic at The Healing Place provides free medical care and medication to our clients with the help of our volunteer doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and our amazing community partners.

Every week, doctors treat clients for allergies and illnesses as well as chronic issues such as high blood pressure, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. There’s also a clinic day dedicated to women’s health – so that our clients can focus on their recovery.

The clinic has been able to provide services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and our volunteer doctors have been absolutely amazing. Even during lockdown, they were available for virtual appointments to help hundreds of clients feel better.

The clinic does more than treat medical issues – it offers vaccinations, testing for HIV and Hepatitis C, Vivitrol referrals, and smoking cessation classes.

Our favorite part about what we do in the clinic is empowering our clients. We continue to be a communication/information hub for the men and women in our program and provide them with the tools to attend to their own medical care. Essentially our goal is to help our clients become independent and self-reliant. We encourage them to take control of their own healthcare needs and work with them on an individual basis to establish solution-based problem-solving skills.

All of our lives have changed over the past year and a half – but the one thing that hasn’t changed is The Healing Place’s ability to help our clients get sober. The clinic plays a big part of that, and we are passionate about being able to provide the medical help our clients need so that they can put their recovery first.

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